Purrmaid Pendants Are A Thing & They're Amazing

If there's one thing the internet loves more than cats it's mermaids, and one brilliant Etsy seller decided to collide the two worlds together to make one super pendant that's sure to make you throw up some jazz hands. Introducing the Purrmaid Pendant from Girl and Her Cat, an Etsy store based in Missouri that has a penchant for all things cats, pugs, and pandas. Sarah Boyd, the mastermind behind the item, makes the pendants out of polymer clay and creates funny little kittens with mermaid fins for the ultimate quirky accessory.

"All items in the shop are made out of polymer clay by Sarah Boyd in Missouri, who was inspired to make them after doing some internet surfing of her own with her older sister on Pinterest," Mashable reported. Clearly all brilliant ideas begin on Pinterest — and this one definitely didn't end up in a fail.

But the product gets even better. Not only can you have a purrmaid around your neck, but you can customize it exactly to your liking, right down to the colors and accessories. Just a quick look through her listings shows cats with glitter fins, unicorn horns, and even flower crowns, so there are a lot of options to play with.

And if you're not dying of adorableness yet, prepare yourself for this tidbit. In the description box on her page where you can request custom orders, she shares, "As well as any cat color, I can even reference a picture of your fur baby so it's as close to your dream as possible." You can literally have a replica of your pet in mermaid form around your neck.

If you're already preparing your credit card for a swift purchase, you might be disappointed. These feline mermaids are so popular that she's fully sold out for three to four months, seeing how she has over 300 orders. She also believes that because of the high demand she might be booked until Christmas, and she won't be taking any more custom orders after New Years so she can focus on making items that she specifically wants. So if you're dying for your own clay pendant, you need to try to get your name on that list ASAP! May the odds be ever in your favor.