Quarantining Is Much Easier With These 50 Genius Finds Under $40 On Amazon


All of our lives have shifted course dramatically, and I'm here to remind you that it's perfectly okay if it's taking some time to settle into the new normal. In an effort to help smooth the transition, I've been searching for genius finds under $40 on Amazon that make quarantining much easier.

I'm going to be honest with you, I've made a major come-up on some pretty cool and game-changing products for time spent at home. For example, keeping your place spic-and-span can help make things feel a little bit nicer, and inventive products like this shower scrubber can make a world of a difference in returning your bathtub to its original sparkling splendor. And since many of us are spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I also highly recommend this mini rice cooker that lets you to lean into carbs in the most delicious way. Plus, this versatile cooking gadget can be used to make soups, oatmeal, and quinoa, too. And if you're keeping up with your workout routine, I've got some gear for that, as well.

I've compiled 52 products that are just as good as the aforementioned items. They'll make quarantine way more bearable, and — wait for it — they're all under $40 and available on Amazon.


The Kit That Will Have You Embroidering Like A Pro

While at home, you can finally learn the fine art of embroidery with this starter kit. It makes learning this cool skill much less intimidating, thanks to a simple set of tools, including a bamboo embroidery hoop, embroidery needles, multi-colored threads, and white cotton Aida fabric with a pattern stamped on it. Speaking of patterns, choose from 19, like daisies, mandalas, and trees.


This Seed Starter That's Perfect For Trying Your Hand At Indoor Gardening

Put your budding green thumb to use with a succulent seed starter. The kit is packed with four succulent and cactus seed packets, burlap jute grow bags, planting pots, potting soil, and more. The plants will make the perfect addition to your desk or window as they elevate the healthy oxygen levels in your home.


A Speaker That Can Control Your Lights And Lock Your Doors

More affordable than most speakers that aren't tricked out, the Alexa-enabled echo dot is an easy-to-use home assistant that lets you stream music and voice control the lights, thermostat, and doors in your home when they're synced. The compact speaker is covered in fabric that blends into any space, in a choice of six colors and patterns.


A Novel That Will Challenge Your Ideas On Motherhood And Perfection

Before it became a popular Hulu series, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng was a bestselling novel. It’s a gripping story that explores motherhood, the quest for perfection and love, and breaking the status quo. I couldn’t look away from the show, and now I am excited to delve into this text for even more details.


This Conditioner That Doubles As A Hair Dye

This color-depositing conditioner is a unique and foolproof approach to coloring your hair at home. Instead of one dye job, the conditioner infuses your strands with color every time you lather up. It's a fun way to try new colors, but it's also a great way to maintain color between salon visits. The protein-infused conditioner is available in colors like rose gold, mint, and mocha.


The Coloring Book That Will Help Lower Your Stress Levels

Don’t underestimate the stress relief you can experience with an adult coloring book. Calm the F*ck Down comes with 21 single-sided pages filled with fun imagery and witty commentary that reminds you to take things that aren't serious a little less seriously. It has a F-bomb or two, so you should probably keep this beauty tucked away from young, curious minds. After all, it is for adults.


This Silicone Washboard For Hand-Washing Your Clothes

This mini washboard will instantly up your hand-washing game. It is made with silicone and easy to hold, all thanks to the inner opening for your fingers. The rimmed bottom makes it simple to wash clothes, but you can also use it to clean your kitchen and bathroom.


A Wash Basin That Collapses To Save Space

I love that this BPA-free collapsible basin serves so many purposes. You can use it to wash dishes and delicate clothing, or you can take it to the backyard and use it to store beverages on ice. It features a nonslip bottom (great for washing) and comes in colors like gray, green, and bright blue.


This Tool Allows You To Open Doors Without Direct Contact

When you venture out, accessories like this contactless door opener that allow you to minimize contact with public objects will come in handy. Slip the ring over your finger and use the hook to safely pull doors open and use the pointer to press elevator buttons. The best part? You can wipe it down after each use, and use it again and again.


This Gadget That Cooks Eggs In The Microwave

Use this microwave egg cooker to prepare delicious eggs in mere minutes. It’s ideal for poached and scrambled eggs, and even makes a mean omelet and egg sandwich. The container is designed with steam vents that help minimize messy splatters and it's totally safe to clean in the top rack of your dishwasher.


A Clothesline That Retracts Once You're Done Using It

The laundromat might not be at the top of your list of places to visit during quarantine, so try washing and drying your clothes at home with this retractable clothesline. It can be expanded up to 40 feet indoors or outdoors and hold up to 30 pounds. Simply mount the rust-resistant clothesline to the wall, extend the cord as long as you desire, and lock it into place. You can retract the line once your laundry is dry.


The Portable Clothes Washer That Requires Zero Electricity

How clever is this portable washer that allows you to clean a few clothes at home without running up your electric bill? The plastic carrier is fully waterproof and can safely hold 6 liters of water while your items soak. Plus, the screw cap provides a mess-free way to empty the dirty liquid when you're ready to rinse.


These Silicone Gloves That Makes Cleaning A Breeze

These reusable silicone gloves let you thoroughly clean the dishes or every corner of your home without having to use a scrub brush or sponge. The gloves are outfitted with silicone bristles that create a rich lather to remove gunk and grime. You can safely clean the gloves in your dishwasher, too.


The Sushi Kit That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

If you're not hitting up your favorite sushi spot, make your own at home with this sushi kit. It comes complete with two rolling mats, five pairs of chopsticks, one rice spreader, and one rice paddle. You'll also receive a an instructional guide with recipes for first-time sushi makers. Here's to happy eating.


This Cotton Bolster That Will Upgrade Your Yoga Sessions

A yoga bolster is a great way to provide additional support if you're practicing restorative yoga. Measuring 24 inches long and 6 inches high, the bolster is filled with dense cotton and features a removable and machine-washable cover that comes in 15 color options. One yogi wrote, "YESSS!! If you practice restorative yoga or use bolsters in your practice for any reason (stretching, support for poses, etc.), I absolutely recommend this product."


A Kit That Helps You Make Your Own Bread

Baking bread has surprisingly skyrocketed in popularity during quarantine. See what all the hype is about with this bread proofing baking basket that's perfect for both professional bakers and at-home newbies. The kit comes with a round basket, cloth liner, bread lame, dough whisk, dough scraper, dough liner storage bag, and 16 flour stencils for creating boulangerie-level designs on the top of the bread. Ready. Set. Bake.


This Heat Sealer That Will Help Keep Your Food Fresh

If you're indulging in a few more snacks than usual, you can help keep them fresher for longer with heat sealer. It works well with standard potato chip bags, cellphone bags, and select PVC materials. The machine is portable, lightweight, and provides a tight seal in just a few seconds.


A Sleek Electric Kettle That Boils Water Quickly

Made from glass and steel, this electric kettle heats up water with a quick and convenient flip of a switch. It plugs right into the wall (no stove needed) and has a heat-resistant handle that allows for safe pouring. Perfect for early morning oatmeal, mid-afternoon tea, and late-night ramen.


The Electric Hot Pot That Lets You Cook Without A Stove

This electric hot pot lets you sauté and cook veggies, meat, fried rice, soup, and noodles, all without the need for a stove. The nonstick pot plugs into the wall and features a temperature control dial that lets you get just the right amount of heat for the task at hand.


This Mini Rice Cooker That Doesn't Take Up Too Much Space

This mini rice cooker doesn't take up too much storage space but still makes rice that's perfectly fluffy every time — and all you have to is press a button. The 2-cup capacity cooker features a warming function and can also make oatmeal, soup, quinoa, and more. Choose from colors like red, pink, and aqua.


This Easy Way To Make Iced Tea And Iced Coffee

As temperatures rise, you're going to want this iced tea maker that can make both single and double servings of iced tea and iced coffee. Just pour water into the reservoir and add your tea or ground coffee into the brew basket. Finally, add ice to the pitcher and you'll be sipping in no time.


The Dish Drying Rack That Won't Take Up Counter Space

This dish drying rack collapses nearly flat when you're not using it, which means you don't have to permanently sacrifice counter space. The drainer has slots for up to eight plates and also has a separate area for utensils that keeps them upright for fast and proper drying.


A Sandwich Toaster That Makes The Best Grilled Cheese Ever

Make perfectly crispy and gooey grilled cheese and tuna melts with this sandwich toaster. It's designed with four nonstick triangular plates that make it easy to lift the sandwich when it's done toasting. The toaster easily wipes clean and can also be used to prepare omelets, French toast, and turnovers, too.


This Tiered Steamer That Makes

Prepare an entire meal with maximum nutritional value in this double tiered food steamer. Perfect for chicken, fish, and vegetables, the double-decker steamer lets you cook two dishes at once, so you can have dinner ready in no time (and with minimal cleanup). It even has a built-in 60-minute timer for a truly hands-off cooking experience.


This Brush That Cleans Your Dryer Vents

These long and flexible vent cleaning brushes can be used to clear out excess lint from your dryer's exhaust port. This greatly reduces the risk of a fire, and it's also just pretty satisfying to remove all that lint buildup. Each order comes with two brushes, and you can also use them clean pet hair and dust from underneath heavy furniture.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths That Are Reusable

I totally swear by microfiber cleaning cloths. They're super soft to the touch, efficient at cleaning up spills and stains, and can be washed and reused. This 5-pack is about three times thicker than standard cloths, making them considerably more absorbent. Use them dry for dusting and wet for scrubbing.


This Kitchen Caddy That Keeps Your Cleaning Supplies Organized

Keep your kitchen a little more organized with this kitchen sink caddy. It suctions onto the corner of your sink and gives you space to store sponges, soap, and scrubbing brushes. Plus the caddy is designed with cutouts to allow for proper draining so you never have to worry about puddles.


The Duster That Reaches High And Deep Crevasses

You can tuck away your ladders and stools because this microfiber duster can be extended over 8 feet, making it a cinch to clean the tops of shelves and underneath furniture. The stainless steel cleaning rod features a fluffy microfiber head at the end that's flexible so you can clean from all angles. You can also remove the head and wash once it's dirty.


A Tool That Helps You Clean Small Gaps

As most expert cleaners know, there are some spots that can be impossible to scrub with regular tools — like the grooves of windows and sliding doors or your stove burners. That's where items like thus gap cleaning brush can make all the difference. It features a narrow profile and an ergonomic handle that gives you a firm grip.


A Scrubber That Cleans The Nooks And Crannies In Your Shower

With it innovative V-shaped brush head, this corner scrubber gets deep into the cracks and crevices of your shower and bathtub, making it almost easy to deep-clean grout and tile. The bristles are extra stiff so you can clear away soap scum, mildew, and grime, and the 360-degree head targets multiple areas at once.


The Biodegradable Paper Towels That Are Actually Reusable

Save some trees and opt for these biodegradable and reusable paper towels. Not only are they eco-friendly, they're also a great way to save money. Made from 70% wood pulp and 30% unbleached non-GMO cotton, the towels are more absorbent than standard paper towels and can wick away spills and messes faster. Each roll comes with 30 sheets and should last for about a year.


A Silicone Body Brush That Can Also Massage Your Back

When stress builds up in your body, try dialing it down with this back massager that also works as a body brush for the shower. The silicone brush is two-sided, featuring long bristles for cleaning on one and short bristles for massaging on the other. Thanks to the long handle, it's easy to cleanse hard-to-reach places.


This Kit That Helps You Plant Your Own Fresh Peppers

If you recently planted a garden, why not add peppers to mix? This kit makes it easy, because it comes with everything you need to grow organic peppers from inside your home. The package includes four different seeds, bamboo markers to label them with, steel scissors, and more.


This Ultra Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad

Extensive time on a laptop can inevitably lead to overheating and slower operation. Place your laptop on this cooling pad to prevent overheating and keep it running fast. The pad elevates your computer just like a laptop stand, and the three fans are super quiet so you don't have to worry about any distracting noises.


An Oil Diffuser With An Automatic Shut-Off Function

With its automatic shut-off function, you’ll never have to worry about essential oil diffuser overheating while you sleep. The diffuser features two misting modes: continuous, which offers three to four hours of mist, and intermittent, which offers up to eight hours of misting. The diffuser doubles as a humidifier and has a built-in night light.


The Hand-Free Toilet Cleaner That Cleans With Each Flush

Eliminate the need for a scrub brush and opt for this automatic toiler cleaner that cleans your toilet with every single flush. It only takes a few minutes to install in your tank and you're good to go. All you have to do is replace the cartridge every three months.


These Latex Resistance Bands That Are Great For Strength Training

These natural latex resistance bands are excellent for strength building and can be used in a variety of workouts to add a challenge, like yoga, pilates, and kickboxing. At nearly 6 inches wide and 59 inches long, they're bigger than most, and you can even knot the ends to provide one continuous loop with stronger tension.


The Exercise Sliders That Optimizes Core Workouts

These dual-sided core sliders will help you build abdominal muscles as you lunge and slide. The sliders feature two sides for a variety of surfaces; use the foam side on hard floors and the slippery smooth side on carpet. They’re compact and lightweight, making them a storage-friendly addition to your home gym.


The Epsom Bath Salt That Practically Melts The Aches Away

After a long, hard week, feel free to soak away your troubles in a warm epsom salt bath. This salt will help ease aches and pains, and it dissolves fast. Also, this particular bag is unscented — but you can opt for epsom salts that are infused with essential oils, such as this one that's meant to "relax and refresh" your body.


A Balance Disc That’s Great For Workouts And Back Pain Relief

This balance disc will make an amazing addition to your workouts. The wobbly disc forces you to engage in a full-body workout as you try to stay upright, but the textured surface that ensures it stays in place on the floor. Measuring 13 inches in diameter, the balance disc can also be used as a seat cushion so you can work out while you work.


This Posture Corrector That Helps You Stand Up Straight

Strengthen your shoulders and back and stop back pain in its tracks with this posture corrector. The brace can be a useful aid if you sit at a desk every day, since a sedentary position and poor posture can cause tension and slumping. It's size adjustable from 27 to 42 inches, and when worn for two hours a day, will help improve your posture in weeks.


The Wrist Strengthener That Beginners Will Love

Musicians, tennis players, and rock climbers can all benefit from this wrist strengthener that also works your hands, fingers, and forearms. Made with heavy-duty carbon steel springs, the flexible strengthener is resistance-adjustable so you can work your way up as you get stronger.


This Ab Roller That Helps To Build Overall Body Strength

Up your core strength with an ab roller that'll also work your pecs, upper back, and arms. Made with stainless steel and durable nonslip rubber, the roller features foam-padded handles that make it comfortable to use. Each purchase includes three bonus items: a knee pad, a nutrition e-book, and a workout e-book.


The Jump Rope With Memory Foam Handles

Squeeze in a quick cardio workout with this jump rope made with memory foam handles that wick away moisture and sweat. The soft sponge handles also provide superb comfort while giving you a firm grip, and the jump rope's ball bearing system helps to eliminate twisting and winding that can otherwise interrupt the flow of your exercise.


A Lightweight Foam Roller That Improves Flexibility

This high-density foam roller can be used during your workouts to help increase flexibility and balance. Just as helpful — it can be used to warm up muscles before exercise or to help speed recovery after a grueling workout. The roller features molded edges and is available in seven colors.


The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds With Impeccable Sound Quality

These wireless earbuds don’t sacrifice sound quality for style, offering HD sound, a deep bass, and a crisp, distortion-free treble. The buds come with a charging case replete with an LCD display that alerts you when battery life is running low. Plus, this pair even has a "share" mode when you want to listen to that podcast or song with a friend.


This Milk Frother That Can Whip Up Barista-Level Lattes

By using a high-speed stainless milk frother, you’ll be able to create your own delicious lattes, coffee, and hot chocolates at home. In 15 to 20 seconds your beverage will be topped with picture-perfect creamy foam. The lightweight, battery-operated kitchen tool has an ergonomic handle for easy frothing and can also be used as an egg beater or to blend protein drinks.


A Water Bottle That Glows To Remind You To Take A Sip

Go a step above average with this absolutely genius smart water bottle. The three-in-one bottle glows to remind you to stay hydrated, and even features a built-in Bluetooth speaker (because why shouldn't your water bottle play music?). Made from BPA-free plastic, it's the perfect companion for long hikes or lounging at home.


The Smart Light Bulbs You Can Control While Away From Home

When you do find yourself going out for some fresh air, rest assured you can control the lights in your home with these smart bulbs. They’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and can be activated with the sound of your voice, but they can also be controlled via an app on your phone. They also have different lighting modes so you can set the mood in each room.


An Electric Blanket That's So Cozy For Movie Nights

This electric blanket makes staying at home an extra cozy and inviting experience. Made from plush, machine-washable fleece, it features three heat settings and an auto shut-off function that will power everything down after four hours to prevent overheating. Choose from four colors.