Quotes That Will Help You Appreciate National Selfie Day

National Selfie Day falls on June 21, which means that you better get that camera flipped and ready to snap. Whether you're the selfie type or can't stand the things, these quotes for National Selfie Day will certainly give you something to think about on Wednesday. Part praising, part hating, these quotes take a look at selfies from all sorts of angles (pun... intended).

I doubt there's anybody who owns a smartphone who hasn't taken at least one selfie. Even if you hate them, chances are that you're still guilty of taking one or two. Whether taken in secret or out in the open, selfies are a part of our modern day culture. The concept behind a selfie is a mind-boggling one, and I always have to wonder: who was it that took the first selfie? I want to say Kim Kardashian, but I'm willing to bet it was even before her time in the spotlight.

If you're taking tons of selfies today, post in moderation. If you're not planning on it, at least take a moment to read through these clever, thoughtful, and hilarious quotes. If you're feeling extra ambitious, you may even want to share one on social media — either celebrating the day, or condemning it. Your choice.

1. “A selfie is nothing more than just an external reflection of yourself.” ― Munia Khan

2. “No job is complete until the selfie is posted.” ― Ashok Kallarakkal

3. “Selfies, they call 'em, and that makes sense 'cause even though they're sending these pictures to others, it still smells like selfish to me. Is that why they call it an 'I phone'? 'Cause it's all about me me me. Like talking to hear yourself talk.” ― David Duchovny

4. “In a world of selfie-addiction smile usually is the brand name for an essential drug called pretense.” ― Munia Khan

5. “My selfie my life!” ― Ken Poirot

6. “A selfie has more face and fewer feelings.” — Amit Kalantri

7. “And it’s great to have all these readers and fans who, for the most part, are very nice people, saying they love the books and the TV show. But there are so many of them and it just doesn’t end. Oh, and 'selfies'! If I could clap my hands and burn out every camera phone in the world, I swear I’d do it!” ― George R.R. Martin

8. “A good selfie is when you successfully capture the feeling of that very moment!” ― Anamika Mishra

9. “To not be photographed daily, even by oneself, to not be recorded and videoed and dispersed into the turbulent winds of the net, was to court nonexistence.” ― David Cronenberg

10. “With the selfies, a photographer has finally found his place in a photograph.” ― Amit Kalantri

Images: Mink Mingle/Unsplash