These 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' Quotes Are Badass

20th Television

In devastating news, beloved screen queen Mary Tyler Moore passed away Jan. 25 at 80 years old, leaving millions of devoted fans behind. Most famously known for her work on the iconic The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Dick Van Dyke Show, Moore was a screen staple on the televisions of American families for decades.

While she'll be greatly missed by all those who loved her and all those were were lucky enough to know her, her work here will live on. As Mary Richards, a career-driven badass media executive on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Moore gave women a glimpse of how powerful and independent they could be in the 1970s. The type of fierce and bright role model she became for young women was important then and is important now.

To celebrate her life, here are a few quotes from The Mary Tyler Moore Show that prove she was the OG badass working girl — a character we can continue to aspire to, even now.

On Sexuality

Mary Richards: "I'm an experienced woman. I've been around... Well, all right, I might not've been around, but I've been... nearby."

On Humor & The News

Mary Richards: "If it weren't for the rotten things that happen in this world we couldn't put on the news show. We should be grateful to all the people who do those rotten things. We should stop them in the streets and say, 'Thank you Mr. Mugger, thank you Mr. Thief, thank you Mr. Maniac.'"

On Being A Career Woman

Mary Richards: "Well I just wanted you to know, that sometimes I get concerned about being a career woman. I get to thinking my job is too important to me. And I tell myself that the people I work with are just the people I work with, and not my family. And last night I thought, 'what is a family anyway?' They're just people who make you feel less alone and really loved. And that's what you've done for me. Thank you for being my family."

On Motherhood & Choices

Mary Richards: "A woman doesn't have to have a baby if she doesn't want to."

On Men In The Workplace

Mary Richards: "Murray, I have never fought him on a story before, but I am going to fight him on this one. And what's more, I'm going to whip him!"

On Sassy Good Fun

Mary Richards: "Hey, Rhoda, do you know what I'm doing? I am changing my clothes at eight o'clock at night so that I can go to a club where I'm going to lie about being divorced so that I can perhaps in a few months' time end up in Paris speaking Spanish. "