Yes, You Can Buy Rachel Bloom's Stephen Sondheim Shirt From The Tony Awards

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The Tony Awards are always full of glamorous red carpet looks. But perhaps Rachel Bloom wore the most unique outfit at the 2018 Tony Awards. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star wore a white t-shirt featuring a rendering of noted Broadway composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim "smoking a j," as she referred to it during her CBS red carpet interview. The "j" she speaks of is a joint. Bloom even noted in a tweet that she had queried Twitter about this shirt. It's a true case of "Ask and ye shall receive!"

Bloom wore the white tee tucked into a floor-sweeping, blush-colored skirt with a red design on it. The actor wore her hair swept to one side and it looked like she was rocking an asymmetrical bob.

Wearing not-too-dressy shirts with fancy skirts isn't unheard of at major Hollywood awards shows and ceremonies such as this. Actor Sharon Stone famously wore a Gap button-down shirt with a Vera Wang skirt to the 1998 Oscars. But Bloom took it a step further with her shirt. The graphic was adorable and looked like something you could pick up at the mall or at you fave online t-shirt retailer.

Actually, you can own this shirt and add it to your wardrobe. It was designed by actor Jason Segel's sister Alison. This $24.99 design and plenty of similar styles are currently available for purchase.

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Here's Bloom's full look. It was clever and the ultimate high x low pairing. No pun intended!

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Here's a closer look at Sondheim immortalized on a shirt and while smoking a joint. He is certainly a decorated icon of the Broadway circuit whose work you have no doubt heard and enjoyed.

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Once more — with feeling! Bloom certainly looked happy to be wearing this shirt. It cause a stir on Twitter, with Segal himself commenting that it was his sister's design.

How awesome for the designer to get a shout out of support from her brother, as well.

We have already established that the shirt is ace. But don't you love Bloom's darkly-rimmed eyes and her optical illusion hairstyle? It's half-up, half-down, and looked like she had a partially shaved head. Regardless, she was a straight-up stunner at the 2018 Tonys and she did things her way in terms of fashion.

Bloom tweeted out a link to purchase the shirt. So if you totally were digging her look, you can make it your own.

Fans proved how much they loved the look by purchasing the shirt on the quick.

Users also loved what the shirt represented.

We can't argue with this user. The shirt and the coif were both pretty awesome. Bloom may not have been nominated for a Tony Award but she and her shirt won the night.

You can head over to the online store where the designer has plenty of other items on sale with a similar aesthetic. Her artistic flair is certainly apparent in all of her offerings. There are multiple Frida Kahlo designs, as well as several Steve Buscemi pieces. There are pillows, prints, shirts, clocks, and more. Go down that rabbit hole!

But if you want the Sondheim shirt, all intel is below! It comes in a unisex, v-neck cut and in multiple colors.

There you have it! Bloom's 2018 Tonys top can be yours and for less than $25. It's certainly a pop culture statement and a conversation starter.