Here's How Much Time You Have To Prepare For Bryan & Rachel's Wedding

ABC/ Heidi Gutman

Even people who aren't fans of the show probably know that Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo from The Bachelorette are engaged at this point. Amidst all of the controversy and fan backlash regarding their engagement, the pair has been keeping busy since the finale on Monday night when the world finally got to him propose to her in Spain. The newly-engaged couple has been doing interview after interview, riding the wave of publicity surrounding their journey to find love, and the question that is on everyone's mind is whether Rachel and Bryan have set a wedding date yet.

The couple first addressed the wedding buzz with Chris Harrison on-stage Monday night during the After the Final Rose special. When asked by the host if they had any concrete wedding details yet, Bryan said, "Not details but a time of season. You know, we want to do — well, she wants to do, a winter wedding and whatever she wants she gets." Rachel then added, "I'm from Texas, obviously. I want a winter wedding. But we're not rushing anything. We just want to... build our lives together and get to know each other in a normal sense."

We know that the couple wants to take things slow, and according to an interview with People Magazine, we shouldn't expect the pair to exchange vows until late 2018 or early 2019.

Even though they don't have an exact wedding date set yet, that hasn't stopped the couple from dropping some other nuptial hints. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Rachel confessed that the wedding is probably going to be a big one because Bryan and herself both have big families. She also said that if she had it her way, she wouldn't wear a wedding dress.

"If I have a choice, I would prefer not to wear a dress. My mother would kill me," Rachel said. Then looking towards Bryan she asked, "You don't have a problem with that right?" Bryan responded, "I'm not complaining. This girl looks good in a trash bag."

In addition to the all of the tidbits the couple has been dropping over the last couple days, they also gave some insight into their future lives after the wedding day. In an interview with on Live With Kelly and Ryan, in which they also mentioned doing a winter wedding next year, Rachel confessed that she wants four kids while Bryan would prefer three. She also said once they tie the knot, she is going to take his last name.

The couple's wedding date might not be set in stone but I think the question that really is on everyone's mind is: Will Copper be the ring bearer?