Rachel Is A 'Bachelor' Frontrunner

Rick Rowell/ABC

There are so many women on The Bachelor during Nick Viall’s season (how am I supposed to remember all of these names!?), but there’s one contestant I already know and love — Bachelor star Rachel Lindsay, the woman who earned Nick’s first impression rose on the limo arrivals night. We already know that Nick digs her, but there's a lot more than fans need to know about the frontrunner.

As she said on the show, Rachel is an attorney from Dallas, Texas, and she’s good at her job and has her stuff together. Well, she only said the first part, but I am adding the “has her stuff together” because damn, it sure seems like she does. Rachel oozes confidence, and that is part of what I’m sure made her attractive and mysterious enough for Nick to give her the very first rose of the season. According to her ABC.com profile, she is 31, has two tattoos (both are on her rib cage), she would be Michelle Obama for a day if she could, and she hates things that fly, like birds or grasshoppers. Oh, and her biggest accomplishment is graduating from law school and passing the bar on her first try. NBD.

And, speaking of passing the bar, Rachel works for Cooper & Scully PC in Dallas, Texas, and she’s featured as an associate on their website. She got her Bachelor’s at the University of Texas at Austin, and she did her J.D. at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, not far from where Nick grew up (he’s from Wisconsin). Rachel told ABC in her bio that her biggest regret to date is “focusing too much on [her] career,” but damn, girl — you’re crushing it in your job, so don’t you dare be sorry for that! She is also afraid that she’s “missed out on [her] chance at finding love," but considering that Rachel seems like the total package, I highly doubt that’s the case.

A look through Rachel’s social media shows her as any normal 31-year-old. She cheers for the Dallas Cowboys (she is from Dallas, after all), she posts pictures of the new babies in her family, and she snaps plenty of photos with her friends. Of course, there are some dog photos thrown in there for good measure, too.

As I mentioned before, Nick gave Rachel his first impression rose, making Rachel the very first black woman to get one. According to TV Guide, no black woman has gone further that week five on The Bachelor, and I think that Rachel and Nick have the chemistry to take their relationship at least to close to the finish line and maybe further. Rachel is smart and beautiful and funny, and Nick would frankly be stupid to ditch her. But, if he doesn't click with her in the end, I'm already going to start campaigning for her to be the Bachelorette.