Rachel Lindsay Just Gave An Update On Her 'Bachelor' Feud With Vanessa Grimaldi

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you're competing for the love of a guy on reality television, getting along with your fellow constituents can prove to be somewhat difficult. Such is the case for Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi, who evidently didn't like each other while filming Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. But now that's all a distant memory. In fact, Rachel addressed her Bachelor feud with Vanessa while hosting the Wednesday, November 27 episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast and admitted that their longstanding dislike for one another has officially come to an end all these years later.

“I was in a feud with Vanessa," Rachel recalled. “It wasn’t aired, but then it kind of became known … because certain people from the season would talk about it. But neither one of us ever went on social media and went at each other.” It's odd to think that a feud was going on between two constants behind-the-scenes and none of the footage made it into the season. (Isn't that kind of the Bachelor's forte?) But now that the tears have been shed and roses distributed, they ultimately decided to bury the hatchet, so to speak.

"After time had passed and I had done the Bachelorette, she messaged me,” Rachel explained to her fellow Bachelor alums Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger, Katie Morton, Tayshia Adams, Kendall Long, and Joe Amabile, who accompanied her on the “Friendsgiving” special. And after speaking on the phone for a while, they parted ways on good terms, proving the age old concept that time really does heal all wounds.

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“We got on the phone and we didn’t even hash out what had happened because we are so many years past that,” Rachel added. “We just picked up where we were and had a conversation about it and wished each other the best and we’re totally friendly and cool now.” Rachel went on to say that it was all about timing for the two of them and that “we had to separate" in order to work things out and mend the damage that was done.

This isn't the first time that Rachel has opened up about the feud, however. In September 2017, their fellow contestant Danielle Lombard brought it up during her Reddit AMA, stating that Rachel distanced herself from Vanessa while filming The Bachelor because “Vanessa called Rachel something that was extremely derogatory.” Rachel went into more detail on the matter to Entertainment Tonight later that same month, revealing that “Vanessa told me that I used ‘aggressive’ tones with her, and I was very upset by that. There are so many stereotypes placed on African-American women.”

Rachel went on to add that Vanessa had referred to her as a "bully" and used phrases that were offensive to her. Rachel claimed at the time that she'd given Vanessa a chance to apologize on the show, but “she told me, ‘No, you’re a bully, and I told Nick that.’”

But it seems as though all of that drama is long behind them now. They may not be inviting each other to Thanksgiving anytime soon, but they seem to have come to an understanding that's certainly something to be thankful for.