Rachel Has Already Made One Major Wedding Decision Post-'Bach'


When it comes to Rachel Lindsay's upcoming wedding — groom TBD — it sounds like there will be one major tradition missing from this Bachelorette's big day. Even though she's been sporting glittery rose ceremony gowns all season long, Rachel Lindsay doesn't want to wear a wedding dress to her post-Bachelorette ceremony.

In an interview with USA Today from the Men Tell All taping, Rachel opened up about her plans for her future wedding... and so far, the details are few and far between. So far, she knows that she wants to tie the knot with her new fiancé "sooner rather than later," but she has no idea what her dream wedding would look like... except for the fact that she would never, ever wear a huge dress. But it's not the color that bothers her, since that sounds like a tradition she does plan to keep.

Rachel said:

"I've never been the girl to have the dream wedding. I can tell you my dream bachelorette party, but I cannot tell you my dream wedding. I personally wouldn't want to wear a dress. I'd like to wear a white tuxedo."

Rachel's always been a lady who knows exactly what she wants, so it's no surprise that she's already got this major piece of the wedding planning puzzle nailed down.

It's not like Rachel has done anything the traditional way so far (unless you consider finding love on a reality show traditional), so of course she's breaking the mold with this important fashion choice. And even though it would have been awesome to see her pose in a gorgeous dress, you know she's going to kill it in that tux.

Now, all we need to do is see that wedding happen. After the emotional turmoil she's been through this season, she deserves the best day she can imagine, white tux and all.