Rachel Finally Confirmed She Was Saying Peter Shouldn’t Be The Bachelor On ‘After The Final Rose'

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Paul Hebert

It's been months since the finale of Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season, but fans will never forget Rachel and runner-up Peter Kraus at After the Final Rose. Some fans felt like Rachel shaded Peter and insinuated that he shouldn't be the next Bachelor with some of the remarks that she made. Rachel expanded on her comments during a recent episode of the Heather Dubrow's World podcast, and yeah, she was basically saying what we all thought on ATFR.

Just as a refresher for anyone who forgot, Rachel told Peter, "I just don’t think that this world, this process, this journey, this show ― I just don’t think that it’s for you. You need more time. You need to, like, see things through.”

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Heather Dubrow made it clear that she was a fan of the shade Rachel threw at Peter during their interview (at the 31:25 mark). She told Rachel, "Peter is sitting there and you're like, 'I think you're a great guy, but this is not for you.' And you must have said it in three different ways."

Heather continued, "I go, 'All she's saying right now is, Mike Fleiss, he is not meant to be the next Bachelor. He is not right for this. He will never pick someone. I do not want him to be the Bachelor.'" Rachel burst out laughing along with the hosts and said, "Totally."

Rachel admitted, "People were so mad at me. People are very into Peter ... I definitely was like, 'This isn't for you.' ... If you have trouble committing to one. It would be different if he was like 'I'm just not that into you.'" So not being Bachelor is what Rachel meant when she said that this world isn't for Peter. At least she is keeping it real.

Heather commented, "He made it very clear that this was just too short of period of time." Rachel agreed, and said, "Right ... He said, 'If I don't know what to do, then I would leave because I don't want to take someone else's opportunity.' And yet you stay til the end and you still don't know what you wanted to do. So those were the things that were frustrating to me ... which came out in that speech, came out in 'By the way, I'm living my best life.'" She then added, "I'm glad those days are over because people crucified us the next day."

Now, Rachel doesn't have to feel awkward watching the current Bachelor since season since Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the lead and there will (probably) be zero mentions of Rachel and Peter's breakup. It all worked out for her. Plus, she's still with Bryan Abasolo.

Nevertheless, the fandom was so angry with Rachel after she shared her opinion of Peter on After the Final Rose. Instead of fans tweeting all about Rachel and Bryan's love story, the focus shifted to Rachel and Peter's split, and then to talk that she was "sabotaging" his chance at being the Bachelor.

Rachel's comments during her interview with Heather are a slight departure from previous comments she's made. In an August 2017 interview for the Build Series, when the host said Rachel was saying he shouldn't be the Bachelor, Rachel said, "I didn’t say that!” She was right, though. She didn't literally said he shouldn't be the Bachelor.

During that same interview, Rachel said, "He said, ‘This is where I am,’ he took things at his own pace, and he was really steadfast in that until the very end ― and I appreciate that. But that doesn’t work with this [experience]."

Still, Rachel did point out that she understands Peter's perspective. "I feel a little empathetic for him because I know what it’s like to be closed off ― I was like that on Nick [Viall]’s season ― but I eventually took that leap and then I did even more so being the Bachelorette," she said. “I was just being honest. You know I’m direct! I’m honest.”

Peter has not specifically remarked on Rachel's After The Final Rose comments, but he has addressed the speculation that falling in love on reality TV and proposing in such a short period of time does not work for him. In an October 2017 interview with Us Weekly, Peter said, “As far as proposal, yeah I’m worried that at the end of it I wouldn’t necessarily be able to, but it’s not that I don’t want to."

Peter explained, “This is kind of part of my thought process, if I did get to the end and I do really, truly like somebody but for some reason I can’t just say this is for sure that person, I don’t want it to be the same outcome again. People are forgiving once. I don’t know if they’re forgiving twice.”

So, maybe Peter really does agree with Rachel about "this world not being for him" — at least right now. Maybe that could change next season... or the one after that.