Apparently, Rachel McAdams Is "Hoping For An Invite" To The 'Mean Girls' Musical, Which... What?

by S. Atkinson
Paramount Pictures

Apparently being nominated for an Oscar doesn't give you an air of been-there, done-that ennui, because, despite being firmly established in Hollywood, Rachel McAdams is excited for the Mean Girls musical. She's also concerned she might not get a ticket, to which the question must be asked: if a ticket isn't gifted to the actor who embodied the meanest of mean girls, Regina George, then who would it be given to, exactly?

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly at the Toronto International Film Festival about the Mean Girls musical opening on Broadway in April 2018, she gushed "I really hope I get an invitation, yeah... I would love to see it. I’m so, so curious and excited about it." When her Disobedience co-star Alessandro Nivola joked about her taking over from the actor playing Regina George in the second cast, she laughed and said she'd be Regina's understudy and would just hope the blonde character never gets sick.

The musical is opening in theaters on April 8 2018 (though there will also be previews from March 12 onwards) and the team behind it sounds fetch; according to The Washington Post, Fey's husband Jeff Richmond composed the music, while Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde: The Musical) wrote the lyrics. More talent was on hand to direct and choreograph, with Casey Nicholaw (The Book Of Mormon) taking the reins.

Oh yeah, and the really cool part? None other than comic genius Fey herself has written the musical's book (the non-sung dialogue in the musical which provides the narrative structure), which, given that she penned the screenplay for the film, should mean that the adaptation retains the same funny flavor as the original.

And it gets even better. According to The New York Times, the musical will update the film to modern times, with the adaptation including social media and "the Plastics [having] Snapchat and Instagram in their arsenal." Given the shiny, image-conscious surface of the film, it feels like this can only improve on the original. Rumors fly fast in high school, but they fly all the faster via social media. Plus, you know that an ultra controversial burn book would make so much more sense on Snapchat, where it would reach a ton of people fast and then evaporate into the Internet ether (well, unless someone just happened to screenshot the picture first).

But enough about the nuts and bolts. Who exactly will be playing Regina George this time round? Taylor Louderman is taking the coveted role, and given her past experience, the 26 year old is just the woman for the job. She's experienced at starring in works of theater that first came to life as movies, having played Margot, one of the sorority sisters in Legally Blonde in a stage production of the film at Missouri theater The Muny and having made her Broadway debut as cheerleader Campbell in Bring It On in 2012. And if that isn't enough, according to Entertainment Weekly, Fey is a big fan of her work, describing how the star "not only has this giant voice and great comic timing, but she instinctively understood the idea of Regina George, that there’s power in making people come to you."

Which leads us quite neatly to McAdams' original plea. Um, she was the beating heart of Mean Girls, the comic relief to Lohan's doe-eyed straight (wo)man, who brought to life the teenager Glamour called "one of the greatest characters in film history — full stop." If she can't get a ticket, nothing in this life is fair. So, she should relax, and let them come to her. She's earned a front row seat.