Rapper Miss Eaves Released The Most Diverse Music Video In 2017. Now She's Back With A New Message

Kim De Souzy

Brooklyn-based rapper Miss Eaves stormed her way into our consciousness in 2017, when she released a body positive single called “Thunder Thighs,” — an electro bass, catchy-as-hell song all about celebrating thick legs. The accompanying music video, which featured an all-female cast of all body types, ages, and ethnicities quickly went viral, and Miss Eaves suddenly became one to watch — thick thighs and all.

Miss Eaves is the alter ego and badass stage name of Shanthony Exum, a multimedia artist whose work includes rap, design, and photography. Despite her empoweringly aggressive artistic persona, Exum is extremely warm, kind, and full of energy in everyday life. At the core of all of her work is a raw, funny, relatable, and unbridled feminism. In addition to “Thunder Thighs,” Eaves released songs that speak directly to the female millennial who’s decided she’s spent enough time pleasing other people, including songs like “Hi H8ter” and “Fuccboi Salute,” both tracks on her debut album Feminasty.

Now, Miss Eaves is back with a new EP, and an attitude that’s more prepared to take on the haters than ever before. Her most recent single touches on another taboo subject, "Paper Mache (Single AF)"is all about women celebrating the single life — even if you’re over middle age.

“I wrote Paper Mache (Single AF) to celebrate being single in a society obsessed with romanticism,” Exum says. “I wanted to show that regardless of age, you can be single and have a fun, interesting and satisfying life.”

Below, Miss Eaves talks about what she wants to accomplish with her work, and most importantly, who she wants to reach.