Raven Has A Big 'Bachelor' Announcement

Tehri Tuovinen/ABC

She may not have ended up with that Neil Lane ring at the end of The Bachelor, but now, she's getting another shot at reality TV love. It's official: Raven Gates is headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that this would happen if she didn't end up engaged to Nick Viall at the end of all of this, and now, I'm especially excited for her after seeing the way this season turned out. And if you weren't convinced yourself, her appearance on After The Final Rose might have done it for you.

Don't get me wrong — I absolutely adored how Raven told Nick, point blank, "I know," when he said that he would miss her. What a way to go out, right?! But seeing her have to come face to face with him again for the first time on ATFR and wish him well in his engagement to Vanessa was just proof that she's mature enough to find that forever love she's looking for.

And as soon as Chris Harrison asked her what she's doing next, I just knew that the official BIP announcement was coming, and boy was I glad I was right.

Raven seems super excited about the idea of spending the summer in Mexico (because duh, who wouldn't be?) and I'm really hoping the guy for her is in paradise. She deserves love so much, especially after what she's been through with Nick.

Now, all we have to do is wait for the rest of the cast to be announced. Fingers crossed that Corinne is next.