Read 'Again, But Better' By Christine Riccio With Sydney Sweeney & Bustle Now

by Bustle Editors
Brooklin Rosenstock

Last month, Bustle partnered with Sydney Sweeney for the launch of her virtual book club. Together, Bustle's audience and legions of Sweeney's fans read Amy Spalding’s We Used to Be Friends: the story of two BFFs who over the course of their senior year slowly start to lose sight of their friendship. For May, Sweeney's selected another female-driven novel for us to obsess over: Again, But Better by Christine Riccio.

The book follows a college student named Shane who realizes she's been doing school all wrong. She's made zero friends, goes home every weekend, and has focused way more on grades than good times. But after she signs up for a semester abroad in London, Shane vows to make some major changes.

"I love that the book is full of things I’m personally passionate about. School, traveling, love, ambition and with a female character that I find myself relating to," Sweeney tells Bustle of her second book club selection. "It has such a beautiful wish fulfillment aspect to the book that I think we all need right now."

Choosing Again, But Better wasn't a difficult decision for Sweeney. "A few friends had told me about the book, and I actually had some fans recommend we read it after We Used To Be Friends," she reveals. "I find myself drawn to books that I relate to or either transport me to another world." And reading about a young woman's London journeys while quarantined in California did just that for the actor.

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