Read The New Travel Ban Executive Order In Full

by Celia Darrough
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"After continuous delays, President Trump signed a new executive order on immigration Monday afternoon. Despite concerns from the last time over whether the order was based on discrimination against Muslims, the new order still temporarily bans people from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, though Iraq has been removed from the list of countries and there are changes in place regarding green card holders and Syrian refugees. If you'd like to see exactly what the order says, you should read Trump's new travel ban order in full for yourself, to understand fully what's going on.

The White House posts the full text of all executive orders online. This latest one, titled the "Executive Order Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States," acknowledges what many criticized about the first travel ban. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued strong wording at a Monday afternoon press conference stating that Trump is within his lawful right as president to order this ban, a seeming jab at the judges who blocked the first one and then denied an appeal later on.

The executive order outlines Trump's explanation for his issuing the first travel ban, but it also tries to say that the initial ban was not based on "animus toward any religion."

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Executive Order 13769 did not provide a basis for discriminating for or against members of any particular religion. While that order allowed for prioritization of refugee claims from members of persecuted religious minority groups, that priority applied to refugees from every nation, including those in which Islam is a minority religion, and it applied to minority sects within a religion. That order was not motivated by animus toward any religion, but was instead intended to protect the ability of religious minorities — whoever they are and wherever they reside — to avail themselves of the USRAP [United States Refugee Admissions Program] in light of their particular challenges and circumstances.

The new order goes on to list why the six countries were chosen and explain that Trump is "revoking Executive Order 13769 and replacing it with this order."

The best way you can stay informed on any issue is to read the primary source in full. Sit down and make some time to read this new executive order to understand the scope, how it will be implemented, Trump's reasoning for it, and how it will be enforced. But for a well-rounded point of view, don't forget to read why people are against it as well.