Recipes With Candy Corn That Even People Who Don't Like Candy Will Love

It's finally October, the enchanted season of hay rides, Hocus Pocus viewing parties, and Halloween candy. This season, there might be buckets of miniature candy bars to dive into fang first, but there is one sweet candy that deserves your attention too, because it's not only classic, but it's versatile as well. That is perfectly displayed by these delicious recipes with candy corn for Halloween, which utilize the treat in different, occasionally unexpected ways. I mean, let's face it: candy corn has always been the treat of fall with its pyramid of vibrant colors.

I'll confess that in holiday's past I might have left candy corn bottom of my trick-or-treat pillowcase. Maybe because it was a candy modeled after a vegetable, or because my taste buds were just way more into chocolate at the time. But as I have matured, I've figured that it is about time to give corn — in candy form — a second chance.

Thankfully I'm not alone with my renewed curiosity of the candy. Whether you loved it or hated it in the fact, there are new ways to work with candy corn in the kitchen that will make it a staple in your pantry this month. These candy corn concoctions rebuild the kernels into a completely new treat like a Frankenstein dessert that will make your taste buds feel alive!

Lemon Candy Corn Bars

How do you make a lemon bar better? Add a layer of orange and top it with candy corn decor. This sweet treat with a zesty bite by taste and tell will be the perfect addition to your Halloween gathering's dessert bar.

Homemade Butterfingers

Have a mountain of leftover candy corn? Ashton from Something Swanky put candy corn and peanut butter together to create Butterfinger-like candy bars. This is the perfect dessert to whip up for your party guests to take home and add to their Halloween candy stash.

Candy Corn Bugle Snack Mix

This candy corn snack mix by Cookies & Cups blurs the line between snack table and dessert table, which isn't bad when it comes to party treats. Like a chocolate covered pretzel, the combination of salty and sweet is what keeps your hand diving back into the bowl for more.

Peanut Butter Candy Corn Blonde Brownies

Brownie? Check. Blondie? Check. Peanut Butter? Yes. Candy corn?! You bet. This dessert bar by Inside BruCrew Life is a the good kind of ooey-gooey monster you want to find hanging in the kitchen. These bars are full of sweet and satisfying crunches that has something for everyone's cravings at the party.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Every time I eat a cupcake it's like unwrapping a little gift. And I'm always happy with the sweet present inside. These candy corn cupcakes by Damn Delicious is the present you should give to yourself and all your best friends this Halloween. They're simple to make and fun to decorate.

Pumpkin Chocolate Babka

Say it with me now — and it's OK to drool — "chocolate. pumpkin. BABKA. with. candy. corn." Sharpen your sweet tooth because it's about to go to work on this hunk of a loaf. Babka is made with a dough that isn't shy around sugar. Add candy corn to the filling and you might be making this babka from What Jew Wanna Eat long after October.

Halloween Candy Corn Bark

Break me off a piece of that! My Baking Addiction incorporates Halloween's original candy into a delectable candy bark sure to get your party started.

Candy Corn And White Chocolate Softbatch Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are great. But around Halloween, adding candy corn to the mix is a welcomed and winning addition. This crunchy and sweet cookies by Averie Cooks are perfect to wrap up for your friends to take home.

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

These crispy snacks use melted marshmallows as their glue. The Kitchn gives the classic rice krispie treat a spooky makeover by adding in candy corn, giving each bite an elevated sweetness and orange glow. Serve on cobweb napkins for the ultimate Halloween vibes.

Brownies Go Boo! With A Candy Corn Topping

These brownies are the good kind of dark magic. The Kitchn's brownie recipe also includes a single serving option in case you're in the mood to whip a candy corn brownie up as you plop in front of a scary movie marathon. Sounds like an awesome Friday night to me!

Candy Corn Peanut Butter Cups

If peanut butter cups are one of your favorite candies to indulge in, Deliciously Yum and I have some good news. They're easy to make in the comfort of your own kitchen! Add a candy corn on top around Halloween to serve on a platter for your party guests or a platter just for yourself.

Trick Or Treat Biscotti

Candy corn for breakfast? Definitely not a trick, but 100 percent a treat. Food Nasty is the genius behind the biscotti. These will surely be reason to pour another cup of coffee in the morning.

Candy Corn

If you want to get creative this Halloween, try making a batch of candy corn yourself. You'll know exactly what your candy is made out of, and enjoy the elevated version of all the desserts you can choose from above. The Kitchn offers an in depth and clear step by step guide to creating your own candy (with pictures!) so that you can have the best Halloween ever this year.