Reddit's Most Talked-About Beauty Brands Prove 2019 Was All About Back To Basics


Internet trends say a lot about what we've been up to in a year, and whether we're looking at searches on Google or discussions on forum threads, it's bound to be interesting. Speaking of forums, Reddit revealed their most talked-about beauty trends of 2019 in a year summary, and it was seriously illuminating. From the most talked-about beauty brands to the skincare issues users couldn't get enough of, the Reddit report has given a clear vision of how we discussed beauty in 2019.

First up, the report revealed what the most talked-about beauty trends of the year were, and some may surprise you. Up in first position was 'hauls,' which solidified our love for watching our favourite influencers showing off their new beauty swag, and confirmed we are nowhere near being over this long-standing trend.

Next came highlighter, which is unsurprising considering the amount of amazing powder, cream, and liquid options out there, and our obsession with getting that perfect lit-from-within radiance. This was followed by bangs (fringes), collagen, and the word "glossy," which I guess could refer to anything from lips, to skin and hair; we all want a bit of gloss in our lives though, that's for sure.

Next up was the most popular beauty brands of the year, which were discussed the most on Reddit threads. Refreshingly, these were all nicely affordable brands, accessible to all. In the top position was CeraVe, a U.S. import that hit the big time this year in the UK, and sells purse-friendly cleansers and creams that are suitable for sensitive skin.

CeraVe was followed by Neutrogeuna, Clinique, and unsurprisingly, Glossier, who have celebrated monumental success both sides of the pond throughout 2019. Rounding up the top five brands was Cetaphil, another brand that is a celebrity-fave for sensitive skin types, and much like CeraVe, is completely affordable.

The overwhelming takeaway from the year in review, however, was our long-standing obsession with skincare. r/skincareaddiction is the most popular beauty community on Reddit, which hit an incredible one million subscribers this year. In terms of skincare topics, Reddit users were most interested in discussions of acne, followed by cleansing, AHA's, ageing, and cystic acne. Our love of all things skin show no signs of slowing down come 2020.

You can check out the entire 2019 report over on Reddit, where the most talked-about entertainment, food, fashion, and politicians are also covered off.