Reebok Is Selling Their Cult Favorite Kicks At '80s Prices — But There's A Catch

Even though the '80s happened decades ago, they're still alive and well in our present time. Sure, we ditched the leg warmers and Hammer pants, but so many of the decade's elements are still inside our closets. From bodysuits to high waist mom jeans to normcore dad fashion, we haven't moved on from the '80s. And nothing proves that more than our collective love for Reebok. The brand knows they're a cult-classic, and to throw their fans back into that Flash Dancing, peek hip hop era, Reebok is having a TBT '80s flash sale today, Nov. 16. But there's a catch: It's only for this evening.

What exactly about the sale makes it reminiscent of our favorite bygone era? I'm glad you asked. From 5 p.m. to midnight ET and 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. PT, the brand will be slashing all their prices back to their original pricing from the '80s. It will be like you time-traveled back to 1985 just to get a steal on a pair of Classic Leathers, and then came back to 2017 to enjoy your spoils.

A bevvy of different styles from the '80s will be on sale, lowering the prices to the original amount when they first launched. To give you an idea what to expect, some of the shoes will be the iconic Classic Leather, the Club C, the Freestyle Hi, and the Workout Plus.

To get the discount, all you need to do is enter promo code REWIND at checkout, and the savings are yours. To get a better understanding of which retro shoes will be on discount, check out some of the selections below.


Classic Leather

Classic Leather, $50, Reebok

Coming in four different colors, you can choose from a Classic Leather in white with a tan sole, all white, black with a tan sole, or all black. Created in 1983, this cult classic was known as the first ever running shoe made with quality leather. While at first it was supposed to be a premium sports shoe, now it's a hot piece for an athliesure outfit. While it usually costs $75, today it's down to $50, making it a total steal.


Club C

Club C 85, $52, Reebok

One of Reebok's original white sneakers, they have a retro '80s feel to them with the chunky soles and British flag logo on the side. While it usually clocks in at $70, today it will be slashed down to $52.


Freestyle Hi

Freestyle Hi, $48, Reebok

The Freestyle His are the retro high tops of your dreams. A bevvy of different versions will be on sale this evening, where you can choose between a black, a white, or metallic pair, among other reiterations. Packing velcro straps and laces, it keeps your ankles comfortable while throwing it back to what high schoolers wore in the '80s. Usually this prices at $75, but today it will be discounted down to $48.


Workout Plus

Workout Plus, $50, Reebok

You can just imagine wearing this in a sweaty, leotard-wearing montage in an old '80s gym, where your hair is dripping and whipping around a la Kanye's "Fade" video. This classic shoe comes in white or black, and its iconic H-strap design is what makes it a cult-classic. Usually this shoe sells for $80, but today it's reduced down to $50.

Remember: This is just a little taste of what the actual sale will provide. For men, there will be 135 different kinds of shoes available, whereas there will be 89 different women's shoes on discount. You will get to choose from the classic black and white color schemes, or jazz it up with a few metallic options.

If you've been craving a retro twist to your wardrobe, this sale is a perfect way to do it on a budget. Rewind back in time, and get your shoes at an '80s price point.