The Reindeer Boob Trend Wants You To Free The Nipple This Holiday Season

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If you're racking your brain on how to stand out with your Ugly Christmas Sweater this holiday season, consider going down a bold path and rocking the reindeer boob trend. Yes, it's exactly what you think it is. No, really, it's reindeer titties – and it's amazing.

People are cutting holes in their sweaters this holiday season to let a boob pop out, and then decorating said mound with googly eyes, Rudolph noses, and decorative tinsel to give it a kitschy effect. The end result is a playful and slightly racy holiday sweater, which is exactly on brand for those knits that are bookmarked for wild holiday parties and bar crawls.

While everyone aims to achieve different aesthetics when it comes to their holiday sweaters, the prevailing idea is that the more shocking and creative, the better. And what better way to make people laugh into their red cups than to show up to a party with your boob innocently hanging out with a makeshift-reindeer-face? It's a winner.

Now, as you can imagine with anything that centers around a breast, there's been slight backlash against this new holiday trend. Some people are overly scandalized with the prospect of a woman walking around with her boob exposed. But it's worth noting this is merely a silly holiday costume, nothing more.

And it isn't the only skin-bearing holiday trend. There's the "Partridge in a Hair Tree" sweater trend where men cut out tree shapes in the middle of their knits, exposing their chest hair and calling attention to their pecks. Chances are they make it through the night without getting similar flak.

A fun point about this trend is that it's open to all genders, shapes, and sizes, meaning it's not just for one certain body type. As long as you enjoy freeing the nipple, you're good to go.

If you like your boobs and you think this is hilarious, you should feel free to pop a boobie out, dress it up in googly eyes, and party the night away. If you want to jump on the bandwagon yourself, ahead are some examples to get your brainstorming your own reindeer boob DIY.


Dress It Up In A Bow

If you want a decent amount of coverage for your boob, you can try putting a red bow over your nipple, giving the look a super festive touch. All you need to add is googly eyes, and you're ready to party. This is an easy take on the trend, and doesn't require you to use scissors or glue guns — which is perfect for the lazier crafter.


Have It Fall Out Of A Dress

While a popular version is to cut a hole into an Ugly Christmas Sweater, some people are choosing to go a more glam route and using dresses instead. Do as the ancient Romans did and have your outfit wrap over just one shoulder, allowing your breast to be exposed. Decorate it with a red, glittery pom pom, cartoon eyes, and felt antlers.


Dress It Up In A Sweater

If you want to go the more classic route, cut out a hole in a holiday sweater, surround it with a garland, and then pop a big pom pom over the nipple to keep the look PG. It's a hilarious take on the beloved holiday character – and will definitely get a chuckle out of the group.

Whichever route you go, feel free to free the nipple this holiday season.