Remember When Obama & Joe Biden Made Friendship Bracelets For Each Other? Yeah, That Was A Simpler Time

Though the stress of the election, recount, and Electoral College vote is finally over, the stress of the upcoming four years has only just begun. In these troubling times, it's nice to reflect on the days when things felt a little easier, like the glorious time when President Obama and VP Biden made friendship bracelets for each other. Even though they can't be the POTUS or VPOTUS anymore, you can take solace in the fact that Obama and Biden's friendship will live on forever.

The now infamous bracelets made their first appearance in video encouraging young people to register to vote. Technically, Obama made both the bracelets (or at least supervised both bracelets being made during the video shoot), so he and Biden didn't exactly make them for each other, but that's a minor detail that was easily ignored in light of the hilariousness of the bracelets. That also wasn't the last time the world saw them. On POTUS's 55th birthday in August, Biden tweeted out a picture of his and Obama's bracelets adorably intertwined, along with the caption, "Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever." Though the pair have never been spotting actually wearing their friendship bracelets, there have been some pretty great Photoshops of such. You can even buy Obiden merch online to share with your own BFF.

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One really does have to question whether the "meme-ification" of the campaign, through social media posts and videos like this one, made the electoral process seem less serious, prompting people to take a non-serious candidate seriously. For better or worse, however, this type of content are the best way to reach people in the digital age where everything and everyone is demanding your attention. Plus, the video and the bracelets are a great reminder of why Obama was such a lovable president — he didn't mind being a little silly if it was for a good cause, and it made him feel like a leader you wanted to follow.

A little political reminiscence is good for the soul, especially since the country is unlikely to see such a comical side of the next president or vice president. Donald Trump is very likely to handle his larger digital presence as president in a similar vein as his current social media, meaning it promises to be an unbearable stream of self-congratulations, mixed with some derogatory insults. At least these videos of Obiden will always be enshrined on Youtube for when you need a little comfort in the next four years.