People Are Reviewing Trump's DC Hotel To Say It's A Real "Sh*thole"

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/Getty Images News

On Sunday, a variety of Yelp reviews of Donald Trump's hotel in Washington, D.C. emerged that referred to the location as a real "sh*thole," employing the same word that President Trump reportedly used to refer to several countries in Latin America and Africa during a meeting on Thursday. President Trump has denied using that language.

Trump's comments reportedly came during a meeting with members of Congress about immigration. According to the Washington Post, when discussing protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries, Trump reportedly asked, “Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?”

Trump's reported comments sparked international outcry, with countries around the world, along with the United Nations and the African Union, condemning the U.S. president for his words. The United Nations' human rights spokesperson, Rupert Colville, did not mince words when condemning Trump, saying during a news briefing, “There is no other word one can use but racist. You cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as ‘sh*tholes’, whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome.”

Those in D.C. have also condemned Trump, with both Democratic and Republican members of Congress speaking out. Moreover, on Saturday, a Washington-based artist, Robin Bell, projected the phrase "Not a DC resident? Need a place to stay? Try our sh*thole" onto the front facade of Trump's luxury hotel in the district, with the projection remaining in place for about 40 minutes.

Now, many people have also taken to Yelp to refer to Trump's hotel as a "sh*thole," perhaps as another means of condemning the president's reported comments. The following list reflects a compilation of these critical reviews.


"Particularly Nice To Norwegians And Russians"

In describing why they believe the hotel is a a sh*thole, this reviewer joked that the staff was only cordial to those from Norway and Russia — two countries for which Trump has expressed particular affinity.


"Cable News Channels" Are The Only Ones Available

This user appeared to mock Trump's strong affinity for cable news in his review.


Would Have Been "Better Off At The Watergate"

This reviewer suggested he would have fared better had he stayed at the Watergate Complex (made famous by the Watergate scandal) than at the Trump Organization's property.


"Place Is A Sh*thole. Says It Right On It."

This review included a photograph of Bell's aforementioned projection to emphasize its point.


"Should Have Known"

This woman lamented that she should have realized that the hotel was a "sh*thole" based on the projection that was emblazoned on the building.


A "Fake Gold Plated Nightmare"

Another user discussed the "putrid stench" she "encountered" while at the hotel.


A Myriad Of Problems

This man characterized every aspect of the hotel's services as unappealing, from the decor to the food and beyond.


"The Worst Sh*thole I Have Ever Seen"

This reviewer really leaned in to the "sh*thole" characterization.


Cable News And McDonald's Are Abundant

This woman mocked Trump's affinity for fast food and cable news in her review of the hotel.


"A YUGE Sh*thole"

This reviewer used one of Trump's frequently used words, "yuge," (a.k.a. "huge") to emphasize her point.


"Why Do People Come To This Sh*thole?"

This review questioned others' intentions.


"Good Place To Discriminate"

This man jokingly presented the "pros" and "cons" of staying at the hotel.


Everything Is Sh*t

This reviewer cited the service, restaurant, and rooms as examples of sh*t at the hotel.


"Pennsylvania Ave. May Have Vacancies Soon"

This reviewer suggested that the White House may serve as a good alternative for people looking for a place to stay, as it "may have some vacancies soon."


Overcooked Steak, Ketchup, And Diet Cokes Abound

This man mocked Trump's somewhat controversial diet in his review of the property.


The Experience Was "Very Sad!"

This reviewer employed Trump's oft-used descriptor, "Sad!" to convey his opinion of the hotel.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This reviewer included a photograph and several key points of interest to describe why people may or may not want to stay at the hotel.


"Thankfully They Served Booze"

This man implied that it is seemingly only possible to survive an experience at Trump International Hotel with the assistance of alcohol.


"Definitely Not A Safe Place To Stay"

This man cited many reasons why one should not stay at the hotel — reasons which reflect criticisms that many have made of Trump himself.


If You Want The "Best Sh*thole," This Is It

This man bluntly described why one should (or shouldn't) stay at the hotel.


"Sh*thole, Sh*thole, Sh*thole"

This user worried that a single use of the word "sh*thole" to describe the hotel was not sufficient, so he made sure to include it a few more times to make his point.


"Recommend The JW [Marriott]"

This reviewer recommended an alternative to staying at Trump International Hotel.


"Don't Believe The Fake Reviews"

This reviewer implied that others should not believe the "fake reviews" touting Trump International Hotel as a good place to stay — a seeming attempt to also critique Trump for his apparent tendency to refer to news as "fake" if he does not like it.


"Leave It To Trump To Make A Place Like This"

This user strongly advised anyone against staying at the property, emphasizing that "everyone deserves better."


Avoid If You "... Have Any Morals"

This user implied that those who have a moral compass should avoid the hotel at any cost.


"Only Human Garbage Would Stay Here"

This reviewer did not hold back when it came to criticizing those who do stay at Trump International Hotel.


"Needs More People From Norway"

This user joked that the hotel "needs more people from Norway," making reference to Trump's reported comments that the U.S. should have more immigrants from countries like Norway as opposed to immigrants from Latin America and Africa.


The Owner Is A "Real Piece Of Work"

This review took a not-so-veiled swipe at Trump, whose organization owns the hotel.


"A Tremendous Sh*thole"

This reviewer made reference to the "golden showers" dossier in his review. The dossier makes allegations about Trump's alleged ties to Russiaallegations which Trump denies.

Overall, it is very clear that Yelp users really seized on the moment and used the outlet as a platform to seemingly indirectly criticize Trump for his reported comments about other countries.