Tamra Opened Up About Her Husband's Health Scares, But The 'RHOC' Star Remains Hopeful

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Longtime Real Housewives of Orange County fans know Tamra Judge as a strong-willed woman who is rarely scared of any challenge. Ever. Nevertheless, there's actually one thing that does make her nervous: her husband's health. Tamra admitted she's "super scared" about Eddie's heart problems in a new interview with Us Weekly.

Tamra discussed a particularly stressful incident during that interview. The Real Housewife of Orange County shared,

"I have to stay strong, but I’m super scared because I’m just afraid what if? What if? What if he has a heart attack? He has a stroke? All these things. Like the other day, he wouldn’t wake up."

That had to be absolutely terrifying. The CUT Fitness owner elaborated on the scary incident. She said, "His alarm was going off and he was just laying there so peaceful. I’m like, ‘Eddie!’ And he was just laying there. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, he died!’ I’m like, ‘Eddie!’ Like that."

Thankfully, Eddie did wake up safe and sound, but Tamra still admitted, "I always have this fear like something bad’s going to happen to him, so it’s kind of scary, but I try to be a little bit more positive than that."

The Bravolebrity did have some good news though. Tamra shared that Eddie is "actually doing really well." She also revealed that he is "just on blood thinners right now" and that he's not taking heart medication for the first time in a year. That is such great news.

Tamra discussed Eddie's sixth procedure for his atrial fibrillation in an Oct. 8 interview with People. Tamra shared, "He's doing better. He's still recovering. It takes three months to recover. He goes to the doctor next week and we're gonna find out if it indeed worked."

During the People interview, Tamra was asked, "What's been your secret to being positive throughout this very trying situation?" She explained,

"I just had to be because I didn't want him to see me panicking and at the very beginning when they told us what was wrong with him, I really thought 'OK, they're gonna fix this. He's young. He's 45 years old. He's very healthy. He's gonna get an ablation.'"

Tamra stated, "I deal with things with humor and that's just how I do it" and that is why RHOC viewers have loved her so much throughout the years.

As tough as Eddie's medical struggles have been for their family, there's at least one silver lining to this whole situation. Tamra admitted,

"I think that we have both just come together stronger. You could say we are stronger. We have been a pretty strong relationship, but now it's like a whole other level where we understand and are more sensitive to other people who are going through issues like this."

Eddie's heart problems have to be absolutely frightening for both himself and Tamra, but at least they have each other for support to make it through all of these obstacles. Some relationships would really suffer during these tough times, but Tamra and Eddie have become an even stronger unit than they already were.