Rihanna's Birthday Gift For The Queen Is Unique

by Mary Kate McGrath
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Friday, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 91st birthday with little fanfare and many corgis. While there isn't much the Queen of England could want for (what do you give someone who already has a palace and a fleet of dogs?), fellow royalty Rihanna gifted the monarch a unique present. In a series of Instagram photos, Rihanna posted photoshopped photos the Queen's face onto her own body. The pics are a royalty mash up, pairing the pop princess's iconic looks with the Queen's majestic mug.

While Queen Elizabeth likely celebrated her 91st year with tea and her corgis, RiRi's pictures offered a few other ideas for how the matriarch could celebrate. The source of the Insta pics are unclear, but the photos show her royal highness can be seen stepping out in some of the pop star's most distinctive outfits. Ri was clearly amused by the photoshopped pics, and posted not one but four of the photos to her account. While the posts were a chance to merge two queens, they also gave the singer to show off some of her latest style moments. These include a bedazzled Gucci body suit, a purple haired look from her Paper cover shoot, and a giant fur heart that anyone, even the British queen, would fall in love with.

One thing RiRi and Queen Elizabeth have in common is the ability to pull off head-to-toe green. The star paired the royal's green suit with the emerald thigh-highs and fuzzy coat she wore to the iHeart Music awards in 2015. The resulting look would make even Kermit the Frog blush.

The next pic again celebrated the two's shared fashion color palate, and while this heart-shaped jacket might not be the Queen's first choice, that doesn't mean her red hat doesn't match perfectly.

This Gucci body suit might be fully body bedazzled, but there is no such thing as too many gems, and Queen Elizabeth's crown adds a special sparkle.

While we're not likely to find the Queen of England downing a forty in a Bodega, we must say this Chanel look is fit for the throne. The caption on the this final pic read "it's not that deep," reminded fans that these posts were just for fun and not meant to be taken super seriously.

The disclaimer didn't stop some critics, however, and the photos evoked some strong reactions. Some Brits expressed felt the posts were disrespectful to the royal family, and made this known in the Instagram comments section and on Twitter.

Yet other fans fans loved Rihanna's posts.

However, it doesn't seem like Rihanna is unlikely to receive a cease and desist from the royals - in the past, the star has joined charitable forces with the British family often. Prince Harry and Rihanna go way back, sitting together at a concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of Barbados independence from Britain, and coming together on Worlds AIDS Day to raise HIV awareness. After all their good faith and teamwork, it's doubtful Prince Harry would take the singer poking some fun at his Gran too hard.

Also, it would be pretty hard to deny the Queen looks great in Gucci.