Fans Are Convinced Rihanna Is Launching A New Lipstick Thanks To This Cryptic Instagram Post

Eduardo Parra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna is slowly but surely making all your lipstick dreams come true. When she first launched her Fenty line, there was only one lip product available in the collection, and that was the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb — a shimmery, pigmented nude gloss that compliments all skin tones. As far as lip colors go, it was a tame start — but more was on the horizon.

The star then expanded the reach to galactic-inspired glosses and lippies, releasing a limited-edition line of Cosmic Glosses and Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipsticks, which offered four sparkling colors that gave the wearer a shimmering pout. After that was the mother of all product drops, the Stunna Lip Paint that made us want to toss all our other red lipsticks in the trash and just covet the one perfect shade.

But once the heart palpitations subsided over the liquid lipstick launch, a new question immediately followed. Will there be more shades in the liquid lipstick line? Well, with Rihanna teasing a new Stunna Lip Paint on Instagram, the answer seems to be a resounding yes.

As of right now, we have no details about the lippie other then it's going to be an official part of Fenty Beauty, and that it's drop dead gorgeous. (Something that one already expected, because everything Rihanna touches is pure genius.)

She posted a periwinkle heavy photo on Dec. 9, with a lipstick to match the color scheme. With a thick, periwinkle fur coat that has the hood up, layers of diamond necklaces, purple sunglasses, and a periwinkle liquid lipstick to match, one could safely assume the next color hitting Fenty Beauty is — wait for it — periwinkle. And just in case we wouldn't be sure if this was indeed a lipstick teaser, Rihanna tagged Fenty Beauty right on the lips, confirming our wild hopes and dreams.

But unfortunately, that's the only clue we have for what seems to be an upcoming product drop. Her caption only read, "ya dig?!" and a quick peek at the Fenty Beauty Instagram account shows the same photo, with the same caption. It's all very secretive at the moment, but one can guess (and hope) that the details won't be too far behind.

But my fellow beauty lovers, this isn't the only lip product teaser that Ri has released this week. In case you missed it, she also shared a saccharine-sweet pink shade dubbed "Candy Venom," and a dark blue shade that just might change colors.

Fenty Beauty's Instagram shared the pink lipstick on their account, posting a photo of Rihanna out in the city, rocking a bright pink lip. The caption writes, "Candy venom for ya."

Then, in her Instagram stories, Rihanna shared a three-second clip of a dark blue bullet lipstick with the letters "FB" stamped into the color. While people were busy thinking about how Rihanna is clearly refocusing her attention towards more bold, out-there hues, a popular beauty news Instagram account shared that this particular shade could actually have color changing formula.

While the Instagram story only showed a preview of the potentially navy lipstick (it might also be black, or blue with purple undertones,) @trendmood1 pulled pictures from Rihanna's Instagram where she was wearing a similar shade, making us all speculate and wonder if that could be it.

So in short, this has been a whirlwind week for beauty enthusiasts. Not only does it appear that Fenty Beauty is expanding its color range to bold, in-your-face shades, but we got hit with three products to potentially look forward to.

Start saving your money now. For all we know, these could hit shelves stat.