Rihanna Just Teased Her Hot AF Valentine’s Day Lingerie Collection & I'm Screaming

It was only a matter of time before the celebrity lingerie brand traded in its signature leopard and tiger prints for red hot pieces. Rihanna recently gave fans a sneak peek at the Savage X Fenty Valentine's Day collection, and the pieces already have fans ready to drop dollars.

While everyone was busy taking a small break transitioning into a new year, RiRi was working up a sweat prepping for this new line for V-Day. On Sunday, Jan. 6 the business mogul gave fans a quick look at a new strappy pink and red bra that featured a velvet heart detail from the collection while posing against a purple curtain. It also makes me wonder if the matching pair of velvet gloves Rihanna was sporting will be included.

The brand posted the photo of the singer in the sexy Valentine's Day-inspired getup to its Instagram, teasing that the line would hit on Jan. 9.

Thankfully, Rihanna knows the Navy is impatient and she's already spilled the deets on the look she wore. The singer revealed that the bra she wore was actually part of a full bra and panty set. Upon closer inspection, the bra clasps together in the front while the matching panties feature a lace lining and a similar velvet heart smack dab in the back to leave very little to the imagination. Not to mention the brand suggested fans to "Eat your [heart] out" in the photo's caption. We see what ya'll did there.

Rihanna and her brands love to leave her fans guessing, but she didn't stop at only sharing this one V-Day set before the entire collection drops on Jan. 9. In another Instagram post shared to the Savage X Fenty Instagram, the brand revealed a, well, revealing bodysuit that's also set to be part of the Valentine's Day collection.

"Xplore a Savage kinda love," the brand wrote. "Get ready to love your #DAMN self this Valentine’s Day."

If there wasn't anything you were feeling in RiRi's previous collections, then maybe this super sheer bodysuit will put you in the right mood. While fans can't get a super close view of this bodysuit, it's visible enough to see the parts you'll want to put out there for cuffing season.

The sheer red bodysuit may be simple, but the heart-shaped nipple covers will be effective for you next night in for a Netflix and Chill session.

Since the launch of Savage X Fenty last year, this will be the brand's third collection. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the demand for something with sex appeal is high, but knowing Rihanna, she'd never let her fans go without something hot to unleash their thottie behavior in the bedroom.