Rihanna Wears Highlighter As Lipstick & You'll Want To Copy The Look Immediately

Eduardo Parra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The beauty of celebrities owning their own beauty brands is that they learn tons of makeup hacks to share with their fans. The latest is one that you've probably never tried before. As Teen Vogue found, Rihanna uses highlighter as lipstick in her latest social media makeup tutorial. So get ready to love Match Stix even more than you already do.

Odds are that you're already fully familiar with the Fenty Beauty Match Stix. The brand started out with the matte formula, but it's the shimmering product that is the star of Rihanna's latest tutorial. The singer gave a tutorial using the Fenty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette, and finished the look off with some highlighter on the lips.

Yes, Rihanna took the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in shade Blonde and rubbed it onto her lips like a lipstick.

The final result was a lip so glowy that you will be mesmerized. Without any priming or warning at all, Rihanna just changed everything you knew about highlighters. Not every shade of highlighters is versatile enough to work with all skin tones. But it turns out that every single shade of Match Stix Shimmering Skinstick was meant to be used on your lips as well.

This Instagram Stories tutorial is the very first time that Rihanna has showed off the hack. This look might have been all about the eyeshadow palette, but the lips took over by the end of the mini videos. The singer didn't show herself putting the highlighter on her cheeks, but her lips were enough to make it one heck of a glowy tutorial.

There is no special trick to getting the highlighter to stick to the lips either. Rihanna simply puts the stick on her lips, just like you would do with any other lipstick shade. There have been tons of Match Stix hacks floating around out there, but this is by far the best one yet.

Speaking of Match Stix hacks, there are a whole lot out there. Every single one of the Match Stix shades magnetically click together, so you can keep them all together in your collection. Well, some makeup lovers found that you could also use the magnet to keep track of your loose earrings at the bottom of a makeup bag.

It's worth noting that although this is the first time that Rihanna has shown herself using the Match Stix on her lips, this isn't the first time that the hack hit the web. According to Allure, another Instagram user used the matte Match Stix shades as lipstick as well. Rihanna just takes the tip even further with the high-level of glow that the product bring. Just look at this level of shine.

Unfortunately, the hack won't save you a whole lot of money. The brand's Match Stix Shimmering Skinstick in Blonde is $25 on the Sephora website. Of course, it could also double as a highlighter or even eyeshadow, if you're feeling it. The power of makeup is a beautiful thing, and Rihanna knows it.