These Disney Princess Denim Jackets Are A Must-Have For Any Fashionable Disney Fan

If you grew up loving Disney princesses as a kid, chances are you had all the swag that came with that obsession. From Ariel-themed pajamas with Flounder and Sebastian decorating the legs, to Mulan holographic stickers jazzing up your furniture, to Sleeping Beauty themed plastic purses, you had your favorite fairy tales surrounding you. But just because you're older doesn't mean that habit has to stop. Sure, it might be weird to have Tiana stickers on your headboard in your 20s or 30s, but it's not so weird to have tiara-related fashion in your wardrobe. You just need to give it a bit of a grownup spin. That's where Rita Lane Vintage's Disney princess denim jackets come in. They let you wear your favorite heroines in a modern way.

Rita Lane Vintage is an Orlando-based Etsy store that plays off of its Disney World adjacent location by bringing you enchanted-looking tiaras, princess-inspired pieces, and retro vintage. From Mickey Mouse ears backpacks to Cinderella bridesmaids' robes, the store really holds true to its slogan, which is "Made with faith, trust, and pixie dust." And it's newest edition — ready for you to rock this upcoming spring — is a new line of denim jackets that have your favorite Disney princess embroidered on the backs of them, along with a famous quote from their corresponding movies.

You can choose the character that best corresponds with your personality. Are you hard working and determined like Tiana? A dreamer like Cinderella? Brave and head-strong like Moana? Or maybe misunderstood like Maleficent? There are six options to choose from in total — check them out below!

Maleficent-Inspired Denim Jacket

Maleficent Inspired Denim Jacket, $65, Rita Lane Vintage

Purple to symbolize the insides of the dark queen's robes, the Maleficent jacket is just a bit distressed giving it a rough and tumble feel. The antagonist is stitched on the back, along with the quote "Mistress of All Evil." If you tend to veer towards the bad guys more than the princesses, then this is the jacket for you.

Cinderella-Inspired Denim Jacket

Cinderella Inspired Denim Jacket, $65, Rita Lane Vintage

Baby blue just like her fairy-godmother-given ballgown, this Cinderella jacket won't disappear if you're out with friends past midnight. With the iconic princess stitched on the back, she's surrounded with her mantra, "The dream that you wish will come true."

Tiana-Inspired Denim Jacket

Tiana Inspired Denim Jacket, $65, Rita Lane Vintage

Dressed in her green, flower-inspired ball gown and glittering tiara, Tiana's jacket is a soft baby pink and uses the kissing-frog slash I-made-my-dreams-come-true-with-hard-work theme, writing, "Fairytales can come true."

Moana-Inspired Denim Jacket

Moana Inspired Denim Jacket, $65, Rita Lane Vintage

Coral pink and distressed, the Moana jacket features the saying, "There's just no telling how far I'll go." Inspiring you to push yourself, believe the impossible, and never give up on your dreams, it's one encouraging jacket. Try not to break into song after reading that quote, instantly making you think of the song "How Far I'll Go."

Snow White-Inspired Denim Jacket

Snow White Inspired Denim Jacket, $65, Rita Lane Vintage

A Disney princess collection wouldn't be complete without representing one of the OG princesses to make it onto the screen: Snow White. Coming in a pale pink denim jacket, our girl is offset with the famous quote, "Fairest of them all."

Belle-Inspired Denim Jacket

Belle Inspired Denim Jacket, $65, Rita Lane Vintage

Just like her dress, Belle's jacket comes in blue, but with a twist: It's ombre! Taking a traditional denim jacket and dip-bleaching it, you get a cool '80s effect with this piece. On the back we have Belle holding Chip, and the quote, "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere" surrounding them.

Choose your favorite princess and rep her all spring long.