Riz Ahmed Shares A 'Star Wars' Message Of Hope

by Allie Gemmill
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know who knows about rebellion against forces of oppression? Riz Ahmed. Ahmed marched at the Women's March in London and carried the spirit of the Rebellion with him on Saturday, Jan. 21. The Rogue One star was not only marching with his British peers, but he also was able to take a moment to document a little Star Wars love via a protestor's sign on Twitter.

The sign prominently featured Princess Leia, who within the Star Wars canon is a rebel fighter first, and then goes on to become a general in the rebellion against the Empire. With her image, the sign read, "A woman's place is in the Resistance." The Resistance, for those who may not know, is the name for the rebellion in question.

The sign is not only appropriately empowering, reinforcing feminist and protest ideologies pointedly and peacefully, it is great to see it is not the only one of its kind. The fact that Ahmed was able to single it out in the sea of truly great signs only makes it a great moment. Ahmed, when he wasn't marching and sign holding, was able to post other photos to his Twitter timeline, each more rebellious than the last. Long live the Resistance, eh, Ahmed?

But Ahmed was not just there to snap pictures; no, he was there to show his support. Lucky for us, London marchers were able to snap a few pictures of him at on the march route. One woman on Twitter got a picture with Ahmed, who was holding the sign, "Females are strong as hell," and giving a facial expression of might and solidarity. It's times like these that having an outspoken, politically active celebrity is pretty nice. Solidarity is a major key in these troubling times.

Ahmed kept the Star Wars spirit alive in London and perhaps we can learn something from him: We should keep it alive in the U.S., too.