Robert Pattinson Teased His Batman, Saying He's Not Interested In Playing A Hero

Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson might be ready to take up Batman's cape, but he's not interested in being a traditional superhero. Although most fans know the iconic DC Comics character tends to — more often than not — save the day, Robert Pattinson doesn't want his Batman to be too heroic, as he told icon Jennifer Lopez during an Actors on Actors interview in Variety.

In the new feature, published on Wednesday, Nov. 13, Pattinson shared why he doesn't want his portrayal of Batman to be the ideal, life-saving hero fans might be hoping for. “I have no interest whatsoever in playing someone who’s heroic,” he told Lopez. “The only time I want to play someone who an audience knows they’re supposed to like is when they really shouldn’t like them. That’s the only time.”

Given Pattinson's penchant for playing more intense characters, this shouldn't come as a shock. Even his most beloved character, Edward in Twilight, wasn't all that likable on paper — he was a literal vampire. In fact, his previous work is partly why even his own agent was puzzled when Pattinson went after the role of Batman. “With Batman, it’s a strange one with me,” he explained. “Even my agent was like, really?”

Even Pattinson isn't quite sure why he wanted to play the role so badly. “I was very, very focused on it, and I don’t know why," he remarked. "It just kind of kept coming back into my head.” However, he also likes to give fans the unexpected, which really explains everything. "I like doing something which an audience doesn’t know that it wants, and try to get it out of them," he explained.

True to his signature roles, Pattinson also plans to highlight the dark side of the hero. “He’s a very troubled person," the actor said. "I always found it interesting that Batman is always struggling a little bit, especially in some iterations of the story. He doesn’t know if he’s that great or not, and that’s kind of interesting.”

Lopez reassured his decision by telling him that she thinks he'll be a great Batman, as most fans would also agree. "Seriously, because he’s a dark character," she told him. And Pattinson responded with a clever suggestion of his own: "You would be as well." Surprisingly, she seemed open to the possibility. “Huh? I could be Batman?” Lopez exclaimed. “Why not? I think as an actor, it would be fun to explore."

So although fans are highly anticipating seeing R Patz as Batman in the near future, don't be too surprised if you see J-Lo making history as the legendary hero as well. It would definitely be something audiences never knew they wanted.