Robin & Regina Are Complicated On 'OUAT'

Jack Rowand/ABC

Regina started off as the evil villain on Once Upon A Time, but now that we’re in Season 6, I think she is perhaps one of the most sympathetic characters on the show. Robin Hood and Regina were in love, and when he died, she took it hard. That’s why when, in the Season 6 fall finale, Regina saw Robin in the alternate fairy tale universe, she was stupefied. Well, Robin and Regina are back together on Once Upon A Time, but it’s way more complicated than it used to be.

In either universe, Regina knows that she and Robin loved each other, but this version of Robin, well, he doesn’t know Regina. He knows that he likes to steal things (not for the poor, just for himself) and that’s really it. This Robin is a crappy person, to say the least, but still, Regina sees traces of her Robin in him. That’s why she invites him to come back to Storybrooke and “real life,” as we can call it, and for some reason, Robin says yes. Maybe he wants to be a better person. Maybe he wants to honor Maid Marian’s life and do something right for a change. Maybe he’s just looking for a change in scenery. Whatever the case, Robin and Regina are together, back in Storybrooke. Let’s see how this is going to go.

I know that Regina has had a big hole in her life since Robin died, but I have to think that this is not going to heal her heart like she thinks it is. This guy is Robin, yeah, but he’s not really her Robin. He’s bizarro Robin, ready to steal from the rich to line his own pockets and do whatever he has to do to survive. This Robin is not the love of her life, but Regina seems to want to make it so. I foresee it being a big conflict in 6B.