Walmart Is Selling ROLO Ice Cream Treats That Will Make Caramel Lovers Drool


The winter solstice is upon us. But impending freezing weather doesn't cancel ice cream cravings. Though we are in the throws of down jackets, ROLO ice cream treats are here to keep summer alive forever. No offense to hot cocoa, but there's another chocolate forward treat this winter. It might not warm your body temperature but it will warm your heart.

In case you are not familiar, ROLO is a candy featuring the harmonic combination of chocolate and caramel. It's an ideal companion for movies or a Friday night in. The only draw back is the candy seems to stick easily to teeth. My optimistic point of view? That makes the candy last longer. But if the sticky situation is a repellent, fear not, ROLO in ice cream form is the solution. And there are two options for getting your candy fix this way.

If you prefer your ice cream in sandwich form, ROLO is coming in hot to the freezer aisle. If you enjoy the crunch of a waffle cone against silky caramel, you won't be excluded from the candy's reinvention into ice cream. Now available at WalMart, ROLO will come in ice cream sandwich and waffle cone form. Talk about a glo up.

The ice creams were spotted by Instagrammer @junkfoodonthego at a WalMart in Los Angeles, California. A single box of ROLO ice cream sandwiches carries five sandwiches while a box of cones will get you four. Get both boxes and have nine reasons to make a trip to the kitchen.

As for taste, you can't go wrong with the power coupling of chocolate and caramel. Introduce the textures of waffle cones and chewy chocolate cookie saucers and you might grace bliss. This winter happiness is handheld and comes wedged between rich chocolate cookies. The ice cream sandwiches are described as, "caramel frozen dairy dessert shot through with caramel and sandwiched between two rich chocolate cookies!" Don't mind if I do.

If you're craving a cone, the ROLO flavor features vanilla and chocolate ice creams, doused in a caramel drizzle and held on the crunchy pedestal of a chocolate waffle cone. Don't want for the trees to get their leaves back. Put on your wool scarf and make your way to a freezer aisle for a lick of this concoction!

The beautiful thing about ice cream is that it is bound by no season. While it surges in popularity during the summer months — as it's a preferred cool down technique — it has also found its appropriate place in winter. Pie à la mode and beyond, ice cream wedges its way into freezers 365 days a year no matter your regional climate.

Get the car started and blast those seat warmers. You're going to want to stock up on ROLO ice cream before the first blizzard hits. Let it be known that an ice cream sandwich during a blizzard is no faux pas. Pile on the blankets and sink your teeth into ROLO caramel candy swirled ice cream. Sounds like the perfect summer-winter ~balance~ to me.