These Rosé Wine Pouches Just Cured Your Capri Sun Nostalgia

As socially-acceptable as we pretend it is to day-drink rosé during the summer, there are some logistical concerns. How do you keep your preferred pink wine crisp and cool? What is the best to-go container for a drinker on the move? What happens when we (inevitably) spill? Finally, there is an answer that's not "Wait until nighttime and drink rosé in your house, with a glass, duh." The Electric Rosé Wine Company has created Rose Wine Pouches to fulfill all of your pink, day-drinking needs.

According to the company's website, "Electric Rosé is striking down conventional consumption methods by creating the first ever, single-serve pouch…with a straw. Intentionally ironic with a hint of nostalgia, Electric Rosé chills quicker than cans or bottles, packs flat, is environmentally kind and deliciously fun!"

These grown-up equivalents of the Capri Sun pouch come in six-packs which contain just over a bottle of wine each. The packs are lightweight, hard to spill, contain 12.5% alcohol, and according to the company, they chill faster than a regular bottle of tine. You just poke your pouch with a tiny straw, and have your friend confiscate your phone lest you be tempted into sending some regrettable texts to your ex.

Unfortunately, these handy pouches aren't available everywhere. As of publishing, they are only sold in participating liquor stores in Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

The Electric Rosé Wine Company also claims a portion of its revenue goes towards a charity called Water2Wines which is, according to the Electric Rosé Wine Company's website, "a charity dedicated to providing clean, sustainable water sources to as many as possible."

Because it is important to research how charities work before donating to them, it is worth noting that it is not immediately clear from the Water2Wines website what specifically they do or where they work. Still, wine pouches are undeniably convenient, and far easier to sneak into a concert than a 40 oz. of rosé. And for those us unlucky enough to live outside the six states where Electric Rosé Wine Company's pouches are sold, we can always stick a straw in a bag of Franzia and call it a day.