'Rough Night' Looks Perfect For 'Bridesmaids' Fans

by Taylor Ferber
Columbia Pictures

No one can deny that Bridesmaids is so effing epic because of its all-women dream team. But with a new film Rough Night on the way this June, it looks like there's a new kick-ass group in town that I'd also want to hang out with because of their DGAF attitude. In fact, the Rough Night posters revealed by Entertainment Weekly give a peek into the individual roles and their overall dynamic, and it's everything you need in a raunchy all-women comedy.

Bridesmaids became an instant classic by hilariously portraying a group of six middle-aged women, who have stopped being polite and who don't have it together, although society suggests they should be doing both. In Rough Night, Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and Zoe Kravitz star was characters who seem like ones viewers won't be able to stop talking about or relating to. The comedy follows a group of five friends, who reunite for a wild weekend trip in Miami after life has led them separate ways. Things go awry when they accidentally kill their male stripper, and a series of extreme events obviously follow.

But beyond the plot, I think women as a whole could really just use a laugh right now and to see these women who live their best lives and let go a little. Given the realness and mix of characters we get to see in the posters, it's likely audience members will be able to relate to one or all of them, or at least be wildly entertained.

Columbia Pictures

Scarlett Johansson plays Jess, a woman running for local office, who's also trying to keep it together, celebrating her bachelorette party — comparable to Lillian (Maya Rudolph) of Bridesmaids. After the events of the crazy Miami weekend, her career and relationship could go in flames. There's the hilarious Jillian Bell, who plays Alice, a kindergarten teacher labeled "lethally horny." She has a dirty mind and speaks of "swimming in d*ck" — off hours, of course. I need someone like Alice around at all times, basically.

Ilana Glazer plays Frankie, who's labeled "dope AF." The character enjoys marijuana and other recreational drugs, is a "woke" activist, and seems to be over her ex Blair... which brings me to Kravitz's character. Although Blair seems to have it all figured out, looking put-together and successful, she's a soon-to-be-divorcee who seems she'll be conflicted about her past with Frankie. Lastly is McKinnon's character Pippa, a free-spirited yet struggling performer from Australia (who says, “Singer-songwriter is the dream, party clown is the reality").

Like Bridesmaids, these women are hilarious, unapologetic, flawed, and sick of holding it all together — in other words, totally relatable and role models in their own right. Squad goals, for sure.