This Is What Numerologists Are Predicting For The Royal Wedding & It’s Going To Be Juicy

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The biggest event of 2018 is less than five months away, and literally everyone is speculating what the royal wedding date means for the world's most beloved couple. The good news is that royal wedding numerology predictions show exciting things in store for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. If you're not familiar with numerology, it's basically astrology's numeric cousin. According to, this universal language of numbers helps decode information about both individuals and the world as a whole. Because getting married is a pretty big deal, and you want it to be perfect, some people even use a numerology calculator to find the best wedding day.

"The date chosen for the wedding may determine the course your life together — as a couple — will take. The number of that day provides a key to the reasons we marry, and will open a doorway to help us understand how to obtain the happiness we seek as we begin to share our life, in every possible way, with our beloved," Elizabeth Joyce wrote for Wisdom Magazine. I used the website Astrology Circle's numerology wedding-day calculator to enter Markle and Prince Harry's wedding date of May 19, 2018, and their numerology wedding-day-variation number is eight, which couldn't be a better date for the royal couple to get hitched.

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According to Joyce, the wedding-day numerology variation eight is an ideal day to tie the knot. "The number eight wedding day is ruled by Mars, and represents an excellent possibility for this couple to thrive in a business together as well as become a strong personal team. This may also be [a] marriage where one partner has to sacrifice for the other’s career, with each partner admiring the courage of the other."

A wedding day ruled by Mars means Markle and Prince Harry will express themselves in unique and original ways, according to the website Tarot Astrology. Hint, hint — maybe they'll write their own vows (yes, please!) Numerology author and speaker Sally Faubion broke the royal wedding down even further on her blog, writing that the date a couple chooses to marry is essentially the birth of their life together. She noted that the number five, because May is the fifth month of the year, is an ideal marriage month for energetic and active couples who are style savvy (check!), have a flare for the unconventional (check!), and who bring together a diverse group of family and friends (check!).

Aside from the month a couple chooses to marry, the day also holds significance. For double numbers, like 19, the one and nine are added together to get 10. These numbers are added again to get one. "A [one marriage day] denotes a coupling of strong, independent, individualistic people," Faubion explained. "Both parties in this pairing will have their own style, comfort zone, and convictions, as opposed to one being in deference to the other. Ambitious, determined, self-reliant, and loaded with leadership abilities, this couple would stand out in their community as self-reliant citizens and leaders."

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She also noted that each marriage date has an attitude number, which is the addition of the month number (five) and the day number (one). According to Faubion, Markle and Prince Harry's attitude number is a six, which is the most loving, caring, and responsible of all attitude numbers. "These people love their home, being parents, nurturing animals and all things of the earth. They are good neighbors and community citizens. Even though their children, animals, and family members received their priority attention, they also enjoy helping with charitable events and causes they believe in — especially humanitarian causes."

Faubion referred to the variation number as the "destiny number," and said that a destiny number of eight is pretty on point for the royal couple. An eight destiny number predicts that those married on this day will work tirelessly to reach their goals. "They will be upstanding citizens who may be honored in their community for their contributions for the good of many. As an exemplary duo, they are dignified, disciplined, enterprising, and progressive," Faubion wrote. "As parents, they will be principled and pragmatic, inspiring self-confidence and responsibility in their children, along with leadership abilities."

Additionally, I entered both Markle and Harry's birthdays into Token Rock's life path numerology calculator. Markle is a four, which is know as "the worker." This means Markle is headstrong and goal oriented. Other well-know people who are also fours include Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Frank Sinatra. Prince Harry's life-path number is one, which is known as "the natural-born leader." Having a life-path number of one denotes confidence, creativity, and originality and includes people like Henry Ford, Charlie Chaplin, and Ozzy Osbourne, according to Token Rock.

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So, just how compatible are couple with a four and a one life-path number? According to the website Seventh Life Path, a four/one match can either be a dream or a nightmare depending on how solid the foundation of the relationship is. The key to a four and a one being a successful match is Prince Harry being able to respect Markle's need for a secure lifestyle. Additionally, Markle will need to accept Prince Harry's need to try new things, take risks, and occasionally leap into the unknown. Basically, Markle will keep Prince Harry grounded while he will help her branch out of her comfort zone.

Communication is the key to a lasting union for a one/four couple. So far, it seems like Markle and Prince Harry are set up for a fairytale ending, and all of the numbers point to this pair living happily ever after. Maybe this is why we're so obsessed with the royal couple. Because, #relationshipgoals.