Rudy Giuliani Made A Fat Joke About Hillary Clinton. Trump Laughed — Twitter DID NOT

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While speaking at a fundraising event at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani made a fat joke about Hillary Clinton — and it didn't go over well. Not only did the donors in the audience gasp, but the former mayor of New York City has faced a lot of backlash from people online as well. President Trump, who was present at the event along with 250 Republican donors, laughed, according to onlookers, and later said he was "just glad" he wasn't the one to say the offensive comment.

Axios, which first reported Giuliani's remarks, referred to the joke as "the most shocking moment" of the evening. And there was competition, considering Trump also joked about wanting to abolish presidential terms like China's Xi Jinping recently did, and about his wife leaving him.

Before making the crude comment, Giuliani was explaining to the crowd in Mar-a-Lago's ballroom for the Gridiron Dinner that he'd been at the venue before, for Trump's wedding to First Lady Melania. "Hillary was also here," he said, "and she actually fit through the door."

Everyone in the room gasped, according to two sources present, and Giuliani's wife was seen giving him a "most foul look," Axios reported. Trump, however, appeared to be okay with the comment. Later in the evening, he joked about the moment, saying "I'm just glad I didn't say it."

Once the story broke, people on Twitter were not happy with Giuliani's jab at the former presidential candidate. Here are just some of the responses to the politician's "joke."

Pure Disbelief

A lot of people had no words for Giuliani's remark and shared the quote verbatim, allowing people to take in what the former mayor said.

He's Done This Before

The New York Times' Maggie Haberman pointed out that Giuliani has put his foot in his mouth before. At an event in 2015, he said that he didn't think then-President Obama "loves America."

"The Crowd Gasped"

A lot of people pointed out the crowd's reaction to Giuliani's comment, which was complete shock.

"Dreadful Person"

Someone tweeted that this instance is another "reminder that Giuliani is a dreadful person."

Just, "Wow"

Many people could only respond with "wow," unable to believe the politician would attack the former secretary of state that way.

He's Not The First

One woman called people out on Twitter for finding Giuliani's comment offensive, but for making misogynistic jokes about Clinton themselves.

Sexism Is Real

Writer and lawyer Jill Filipovic pointed out the irony in Giuliani making a joke about Clinton's weight in the presence of Trump, who himself has issues with his weight.

"Rudy Giuliani making fat jokes about Hilary in front of... Donald Trump," she wrote. "Tell me sexism is not real."

"Self-Loathing Man"

Twitter user @KGVote compared Giuliani to other Republicans who've attacked Clinton, like Trump and Newt Gingrich, who called her a "racist demagogue" — "If you want to see inside the soul of a self-loathing man, look at the jokes he makes about women."

"Sir, Please Explain"

"I will never understand how overweight white men feel as if they are justified in fat shaming women? When they look like this. How??" tweeted @tamara7_xo. "@RudyGiuliani sir, please explain."

"Absence of Legitimate Morals"

"Isn't it amazing how the 'moral' supporters of the GOP don't seem to notice (care?) that almost the entire leadership of the party is made up of men who don't even make an idle gesture towards being moral themselves?" @Justin_CA30 shared. "@RudyGiuliani epitomizes an absence of legitimate morals."

"Shoulda Just Stayed In The Shadows"

"Rudy Giuliani needs to worry about his own fata**, criminal self instead of making Hillary jokes," @Mayne1Carrie wrote. "Shoulda just stayed in the shadows, Rudy. We haven’t forgotten that you and @LaraLeaTrump knew about the dump of stolen email before it happened. Mueller may be coming for U2."

He Was Talking About Her "Ego"

Some Trump supporters are claiming that Giuliani was referring to Clinton's "ego" fitting through the door, not her body.

He Had Us "Fooled"

"Ah, remember those days after 9/11, when Rudy Giuliani was thought to be a hero, a leader with class?" tweeted @natespuewell. "Boy, did he have us fooled."

"In Need Of A Crotch Punch"

Amee Vanderpool, of the legal advocacy organization The Inanna Project, did not mince words when she said that Giuliani is "seriously in need of a crotch punch...and a mirror."

"Still Don't Forgive Him"

"Rudy Giuliani is a terrible person," journalist Steven Beschloss tweeted. "I still don't forgive him for his nasty, mocking put-down of Obama during the 2008 GOP convention because he was...horrors...a community organizer. That is, a job to improve the lives of vulnerable people struggling to get ahead."

Joke's On Him

"If Rudy Giuliani wants to make people laugh, he should just remind everyone that in 2008, he thought he could be elected president," @TurnUp_TheTweet tweeted.

"He's Still Breathing"

"When you see Rudy Giuliani trending then discover he's still breathing," wrote @mullenp72.

Since the story was shared, while Giuliani has faced a lot of criticism, he has yet to publicly address the comments he made behind closed doors. Trump has also not addressed Giuliani's remarks from that night, or his own; however, he did tweet that the Gridiron Dinner was "great fun."

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