Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figures Are Being Shipped Out & The Justice Herself Reportedly Has One

Allison Shelley/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In recent years, one of the the United States' nine Supreme Court justices has achieved near-superstar status, fondly becoming known as "Notorious RBG" after a law student gave the justice the moniker back in 2013. Now, a new product is helping further cement RBG's celebrity status. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure is being shipped out this fall — and the justice herself reportedly already has one in her possession.

As The Hill reported, the RBG action figure is being developed by Fctry, a product incubator that is located in New York City. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initiative, with the original goal of raising $15,000. However, as Fctry's marketing coordinator, Zoe Cronin, told AM New York, the company actually raised over $15,000 in the first hour after the campaign was launched. Presently, the campaign has accrued around $613,000.

AM New York also reported that Cronin indicated that Ginsburg already has an action figure of her own. “I will just mention that Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself has one that we gave her,” Cronin said. “She said she would put it on her mantelpiece, so we’re really excited about that.” The company's CEO considered it an honor to have Ginsburg's approval, saying to AM New York:

There was a lot of giggling and screaming in the office when we found out that she [Ginsburg] said that ... I think it was extra special for Mike Leavitt, the sculptor who designs all of our figures. He puts so much love into these pieces and for him, her approval is like the ultimate validation of his work.

On its Kickstarter page, Fctry laid out the components of the RBG action figure — and included some clever descriptions to boot. For example, the page indicated that the action figure will have wire-rimmed glasses to "see through the patriarchal bullsh*t." It also noted that the RBG figurine will don silk gloves "to uphold rights for everyone" and have a pointing finger to "steady the scales of justice."

The company also wrote on its Kickstarter site that, while it has had a lot of fun developing the RBG action figure, it also kept a loftier purpose in mind as it created the figurine. Indeed, Fctry noted that it hopes the toy will inspire children to live by the principles espoused by Justice Ginsburg. As Fctry wrote:

RBG is such a tremendously positive and inspirational character to so many different kinds of people. Knowing that some of these figures will surely wind up in the hands of young girls and boys who may, quite possibly, grow up entirely free of all of the antiquated stereotypes that RBG has spent her life dismantling is both gratifying and humbling.

As The Hill reported, the company plans to ship the RBG action figure in October. If you're interested in securing an RBG figurine of your own, you can pre-order the product through the company's Kickstarter pageand then eagerly await its delivery this fall.