Ruth Bader Ginsburg Won't Let An Injury Get In They Way Of Her Workout Routine

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Last week, one of the country's most celebrated SCOTUS justices broke three of her ribs during a fall, causing many to be concerned for her health. Thankfully, the justice seems to be doing just fine, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recovery time isn't stopping her from getting back to the gym.

As Vox reported, Ginsburg's personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, said she is slated to begin her workouts again next week. The outlet noted that Ginsburg typically works out twice a week with Johnson, who has served as her trainer for the past 19 years. Typically, their workouts appear to be fairly intense, as Johnson has outlined in his book, The RBG Workout. However, the trainer told Vox that he plans to ease Ginsburg back into training in light of her injury. As Johnson described:

With three cracked ribs, I won’t have her on the elliptical right away. My warm up will be gentler — and then we’ll adjust accordingly. When she gets stronger, we’ll resume the regular workouts.

Johnson also reflected on Ginsburg's resilience when speaking with Vox, noting that the justice has adeptly dealt with having broken ribs before. "[She’s] gone through peaks and valleys, and it’s not the first time she’s broken her ribs,” he said.

Johnson has previously spoken about Ginsburg's impressive ability to fight through obstacles and remain committed to her workouts. He told PopSugar in August that the justice always shows up for her workouts — and even once left a White House function early so she could attend her training session. Johnson offered heavy words of praise when speaking about the justice with PopSugar, saying:

No matter what your situation is, small gains can lead to big victories. The justice has faced every challenge, from fighting cancer two times to working one of the most challenging jobs there is, and she always makes time to work out and give it her all.

In another interview with The Cut, Johnson reassured those who are concerned about Ginsburg's health, emphasizing that she has always displayed strength in the face of adversity. "To all the stressed out people in America, remember that the justice is TAN," he said. "Now, I always use that acronym: TAN. She’s tough as nails. You think three ribs are going to stop Justice?"

Ginsburg's personal and professional history certainly seem to reflect this notion. As Vox outlined, Ginsburg has beaten two different types of cancer — colon and pancreatic — after being diagnosed in 1999 and 2009, respectively. While she was fighting cancer, she reportedly never missed a day in court. She also injured her ribs in falls in 2012 and 2013 and, in 2014, had a heart stent operation. Ginsburg conquered all of these health issues with grace and tenacity, despite their serious nature, and remained committed to ensuring that her SCOTUS work was as minimally impacted as possible.

Ginsburg has been working from home as she recovers and, indeed, has been working remotely since the day after her fall. It's readily apparent that, in true RBG fashion, the justice fully intends to maintain her normal schedule as she heals from her injury.