Blake Lively Says She Won’t Be Seeing Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Detective Pikachu’ For A Hilarious Reason

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds just posted a new Detective Pikachu teaser, and it might be funnier than the movie it's promoting. Ahead of a new trailer release on Tuesday, Feb. 26, the actor decided to share a bit about how he got into character for the movie in a video posted to Twitter on Monday. As revealed in the teaser, Ryan Reynolds' Detective Pikachu role was surprisingly immersive — almost too immersive, in fact.

In the clip, which focuses on an Inside the Actors Studio-inspired interview with Reynolds, the actor joked about the methods he used to get into the part of the cuddly yellow Pokémon. "I lived it. I breathed it. I became the character," Reynolds said in the video. He went on to share the extremes he supposedly went to in order to immerse himself in the role.

"I was on my way to pick up my daughters from school when I got the role," Reynolds revealed. "Well, I didn't show up at school. Because Detective Pikachu, he doesn't know who those two little girls are. Who are they?"

It's not actually a rhetorical question, though. After Reynolds shared this story, the camera panned over to his wife, Blake Lively, who answered it for him. "They're our daughters," she said in the clip. "He just left them." She proceeded to joke that the two children won't be seeing Detective Pikachu.

Of course, the actor probably didn't actually leave his children stranded at school. But it's pretty funny to hear Reynolds and Lively describe a lighthearted role in such a serious way. The idea of Reynolds actually "becoming" Pikachu to play him in Detective Pikachu is, really, pretty ridiculous. Lively and Reynolds know just how to get fans excited for the movie, and it shows they're in on the joke, too.

The highlight of the video is when Lively delivers a swift burn to her husband's supposed dedication to becoming Pikachu. "I mean, he didn't even change his voice," Lively noted. "It just sounds like him." This line might actually be a reference to the frustration some fans felt when the first Detective Pikachu trailer was released. Pikachu is basically the embodiment of cuteness — just look at how the other humans respond to the "Pika Pika's" — which made the fact that he shares a voice with Deadpool a bit jarring for fans.

This new teaser may not convert fans who aren't thrilled with Reynolds' casting. But, it's nice to see that he's taking the criticism in stride and having a bit of fun with it, too. His voice might not be what people imagine when they think of Pikachu, but fans might want to give the movie a chance after seeing the new clip.

In the first Detective Pikachu trailer, fans saw Reynolds' Pikachu interact with Tim, a human who can understand what Pikachu is saying in English. (The rest of the world just hears those adorable "Pika Pika" noises.) The two become an unlikely pair who set out to find Tim's missing dad. Of course, they meet plenty of other Pokémon along the way, too, including Mr. Mime, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, and plenty more.

Reynolds likely didn't go full method actor for the animated and live action movie, but it's clear from the new clip that he's pretty invested in the role. He might not be the Pikachu fans grew up with, but, seeing this funny teaser, it looks like that's not necessarily a bad thing.