Sailor Moon Fans Are Going To Go Wild Over ColorPop’s Latest Collection

Sailor Moon x ColourPop collection is nostalgic heaven.

ColourPop is one of the most prolific beauty brands on the market, releasing new products what feels like weekly, including fun collections and collaborations. The most recent one is no exception. The Sailor Moon x ColourPop Cosmetics collection is coming on Feb. 20, and according to the brand, it's the most requested collaboration from fans. The brand didn't disappoint.

ColourPop's Sailor Moon collection features eight new pieces all in existing formulas. First is the largest item, the 12-pan Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow palette inspired by the series as a whole. An array of matte neutrals, shimmering golds, and pops of pink and purple come together to give a soft but colorful vibe reminiscent of the anime cartoon. From hues like Tuxedo Rose named for Tuxedo Mask's famous flower to the shade Luna for Usagi's (or Serena's) guardian cat, fans will recognize all the references in ColourPop's Sailor Moon palette.

Alongside the shadows, there are also two lip duos: Moonlight and Daylight. Both feature a glossy formula and the brand's unique blotted lip, and all four lippies are inspired specifically by Sailor Moon herself with shades named Bunhead, Moon Tiara, Usagi, and (obviously) Sailor Moon.

Two pink-toned blushes in From The Moon and Cat's Eye are reminiscent of Usagi's famous flush, but the best part of these pressed powders is Luna's face emblazoned into the product. The famous black cat with its moon-shaped scar also stars on the outer component's lenticular printed design that the brand likens to an "IRL gif."


There wouldn't be a Sailor Moon collection without glitter (Usagi would never approve). Designed for the face and body, ColourPop's Glitter Gels will get two new shades within the Sailor Moon collection: one a lilac tone and the other a soft pink.


If you want to shop the Sailor Moon x ColourPop collection, do so quickly. With gurus already hyping up the collection online and its limited edition status, these dreamy products will likely go fast.