These Ridiculous Roller Skate Stilettos Will Make Your Feet Hurt Just By Looking At Them

Stilettos are notoriously difficult to walk in. You need balance and you essentially teeter. Roller skates are another form of "footwear" that takes time and effort to master. Both can cause bodily injury if not, um, operated correctly and carefully. Therefore, Saint Laurent's Roller Skate Stilettos are a fashion-y anomaly, since they combine two tricky types of footwear.

IDK if even Lady Gaga, a notorious lover of skyscraper heels, could pull these ridic shoes off without taking a header.

Remember when Rihanna launched her denim shoe collection with Manolo Blahnik last year? She noted that the impractical yet sexy, up-to-the-thigh boots were "trouble."

Well, that distinction has been usurped and now belongs to the Saint Laurent stiletto skates. These babies are dangerous and I don't mean that figuratively because they are sky high and have sexy, pointy heel. They are more risky than risque, yo!

Marie Claire pointed out this heel x skate hybrid is £1,995, which converts to approximately $2600.

I am not quite sure what occasion one would wear these "shoes" to. But they are certainly a marvel to behold and to gawk over. I admit that I am "oohing" and "aahing" over them because they are so confounding, unique, and beautiful, all the while leaving me scratching my head.

Have a look.

Courtesy of Saint Laurent

The detailing is breathtaking. The mechanics look pretty on point. But logistically, I can't wrap my brain around how to wear these, much less what outfit I'd pair em with.

Here's how Twitter feels about this fashionable roller derby accessory.

I mean... yeah! That's quite possibly a result of wearing these.

I'd like to see Hazza show off his skating skills.

This Twitter user has a point. Heels can be hell on your feet. I know I love the look, but after three hours in a pair, I want to set them on fire. Adding roller skates certainly throws down the gauntlet.