Sales Have Doubled On This Cooling Weighted Blanket — & 40 Other Products On Amazon Skyrocketing In Popularity Right Now

Part of my job is sifting through thousands of Amazon products, searching for the hidden gems that everyone is missing. But another part of my jobs is nailing down the products that are already making a splash and determining whether or not they're actually worth your time. For that — I head over to Amazon's Movers and Shakers page because it's the most surefire way to zero in on the most popular products on Amazon.

If you're not familiar with the Movers and Shakers list, here's the gist: Amazon tracks which products are seeing the biggest increase in sales over the past 24 hours, and then updates those numbers every single hour. It's an ingenious way to figure out which products are getting the most buzz — in real time.

The products I've picked for this list are all Movers and Shakers and they continue to skyrocket in popularity, including this power surge protector that's seen an astonishing 3,000 percent increase in sales. (Yep — a power surge protector is that in-demand.)

Not on the hunt for a surge protector? Here, you'll find Movers and Shakers in all kinds of categories: fashion, beauty, home, and electronics. Click through for some of the best.

by Anna Anderson

1. An Egg Cooker That Boils, Poaches, And Makes Omelettes

You might actually look forward to getting up in the morning if you get to use this egg cooker to make breakfast. Made from durable stainless steel, it soft- or hard-boils up to seven eggs at at a time and comes with trays for poaching and making omelettes, too. A measuring cup lets you get just the right amount of water, and a piercing stick helps prevent cracked shells while cooking.

2. These Cute Overalls That Are So Comfortable, You Might Never Take Them Off

For those days when you can't decide between wearing something comfortable and wearing something (ridiculously) cute, these overalls are just the thing. Made from cotton linen, the extra-roomy overalls feature extra big pockets and tie closures instead of buttons on the straps. Choose from neutrals that'll go with just about anything, like coffee, army green, navy, and black. Available sizes: S-4XL

3. A Recycled Canvas Tote With A Worn-In Look That Comes In So Many Colors

This recycled canvas tote has a relaxed, worn-in look and comes in 13 colors and patterns, like apricot, natural canvas, stripes, and the light denim pictured here. With two handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an interior snap closure pocket, it's perfectly sized for laptops, books, and trips to the farmers market. Of course, you can always just use it as a purse that's got room to stash everything.

4. A Silicone Case For Your AirPods

Keep your AirPods and docking box safe from dust, dirt, and accidental drops with this AirPods case. Made from protective silicone, the shock-proof case fits around the docking box like a second skin and features a cutout, so you can reach your charging port, and an optional carabiner, so you can use it as a keychain. Choose from dozens of colors, like black, white, or bright red — so you can always find it.

5. These Reusable Produce Bags So You Can Forego Plastic Bags In The Produce Department

Okay, so you may no longer use plastic grocery bags — but there's a good chance you still use those plastic bags that you tear off a roll in the produce department. Now you can avoid that with these reusable produce bags. Each pack comes with nine different-sized transparent bags that feature drawstring closures, and because they're mesh, you can rinse your produce right there in the bag instead of having to transfer.

6. A T-Shirt Dress That's About To Become One Of Your Wardrobe Staples

If you're looking for wardrobe staples, consider this T-shirt dress. It's soft enough to sleep in, but pair it with some Converse and a leather jacket, and you'll be all set for a movie date. The scoop neck dress is made from luxe jersey and comes in 10 colors, like heather gray, dark red, and forest green. Available sizes: XS-XXL

7. These Stainless Steel Straws That Help You Do A Favor For The Environment

If you hate the clink of glass against your teeth, but are too eco-conscious to use plastic straws, these reusable straws are for you. The set comes with four straight straws and four bent straws, all made from stainless steel for durability. Best of all, the two scrubbing brushes ensure you can remove every last bit of smoothie before you use them again. Choose from black, gold, silver, or iridescent rainbow.

8. These Skin-Cleansing Pads That Keep You Glowing

These glycolic acid pads are so much cheaper than ponying up hundreds of dollars for a chemical peel at a med spa. Just swipe one across your face at the end of each day to exfoliate, smooth, and brighten your skin. The pads are boosted by moisturizing hyaluronic acid, soothing blue daisy, and witch hazel to tone skin and tighten pores. One reviewer raved: "These are my new obsession," and another says, "My skin texture has vastly improved, it’s super soft to the touch, and appears “glowier” in general."

9. A Sports Bra With Hidden Stabilizers That Offer Next-Level Support

If a slip-on sports bra just doesn't cut it for you, you might want to check out this adjustable and super-supportive sports bra from beloved brand Core 10. Made with four-way stretch performance fabric, the bra features adjustable straps and hidden stabilizers in the cups to keep you secure while you jog, bike, and CrossFit. Available in both black and nude options, the bra comes in a wide range of sizes, but reviewers say it's best to order a size up in the band. Available sizes: 32A-46G

10. This Freezable Lunch Bag That Acts As A Mini-Fridge For Your Sandwich

This freezable lunch bag essentially acts as a tiny refrigerator for your food. Just fold it up flat and stick it in the freezer overnight, and the bag's built-in cooling gel will keep your turkey sandwich and yogurt nice and chilly until lunch hour rolls around — without having to use a separate ice pack. The bag features a zip-top closure and a buckle strap on the back, so you can hook it onto your backpack, tote, or stroller.

11. An Ultra-Sensitive Mouthwash That Feels Like You're Just Rinsing With Water

If rinsing with traditional mouthwash is just too harsh, this mouthwash for sensitive teeth is for you. The gentle, sulfate-free formula feels just like rinsing with water, and it helps prevent plaque formation — while fighting germs that cause unwanted bad breath and gum irritation — and balancing pH to help protect enamel. And it's alcohol-free, which can help prevent the high-acid kind of environment that breeds unnecessary bacterial growth. It won't burn, and can even help soothe canker sores: and thousands of reviewers love it.

12. This Hair-Drying Brush That Gives You Major Volume

Get a salon-worthy blowout at home with this hot brush that dries and volumizes hair at the same time. The rounded edges and oval shape of the brush work to smooth hair and create body, while ionic technology adds shine and ceramic coating protects hair from heat damage. The hot brush operates on three heat and speed settings, and — unlike a hair dryer — you can safely place it close to the scalp to get extra lift at the roots.

13. A Simple Empire Waist T-Shirt Dress That's Breezy And Comfortable

Wear this sweet and simple dress all summer long, then pair it with a jacket once fall rolls around. Made with stretchy fabric, the dress feature an elastic empire waist and deep pockets. Choose from solids and florals in a variety of colors. Available sizes: XS-XXXL

14. This Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen Made With Environmentally-Safe Ingredients

This SPF 50, broad-spectrum sunscreen foregoes potentially harmful chemicals in favor of natural ingredients that are skin-soothing and hydrating — like centella extract, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol, and lavender oil. The oil-free formula is non-sticky, non-irritating, and won't leave a white cast behind, so you won't look like a ghost. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free. One reviewer wrote: "This sunscreen is nothing short of amazing. It has a nice texture, isn’t oily or drying, doesn’t irritate my skin, doesn’t sting my eyes, isn’t too viscous so it’s easy to apply the recommended amount, and protects my skin from reddening."

15. This Solution That Actually Keeps Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs At Bay

Bid adieu to ingrown hairs, razor bumps, redness, and irritation with this ingrown hair solution. The solution is safe to use on all parts of the body — like the legs, face, bikini area, underarms, neck, chest — and can be used after any type of hair removal session, including shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and laser. Just apply a thin coat to skin after your hair removal session, or — for stubborn cases — a couple times a day.

16. A Powerful Steamer That's Also Safe To Use On Delicate Fabrics

This heavy-duty steamer is gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics, but powerful enough to work out deep wrinkles in sturdier fabrics too (so you can finally get those creases out of your curtains). It heats up within 60 seconds and provides up to 60 minutes of steaming power, and is safe to use on wool, cotton, silk, linen, cashmere, and synthetics .

17. This Weighted Blanket That Helps To Relieve Feelings Of Anxiety

This weighted blanket will make you feel like you're being hugged all night long, which can majorly reduce anxiety and help you get to sleep faster. The individual quilted pockets ensure even weight distribution and the breathable cotton fabric keeps you from getting too hot. For optimal comfort, choose a blanket that's about 10 percent of your body weight.

18. A Powerhouse Vitamin C Serum That Also Hydrates Skin

Vitamin C has quickly become one of those skincare super-ingredients, and for good reason — it helps even out skin tone, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and works to reduce UV-related skin damage. The result? Brighter, smoother, firmer skin. This highly-rated vitamin C serum also harnesses the power of moisturizing hyaluronic acid, so your skin looks totally refreshed. Plus, it's free of parabens, sulfates, and fragrance, so it's perfect for sensitive skin.

19. This Water Bottle Made With Shatter-Resistant Glass

Keep hydrated all day long with this water bottle made from super-durable borosilicate glass. The water bottle is resistant to cracking and can even handle rapid temperature changes. A bamboo lid prevents leaks, while the impact-resistant silicone sleeve (which comes in 13 color options) protects the bottle from accidental drops. And you can feel extra-good about this purchase — two percent of the revenue from sales goes to a nonprofit that drills water wells at village schools in rural Ghana.

20. These Spiral Hair Ties That Help Prevent Headaches And Ponytail Bumps

Unlike hair elastics, these spiral hair ties spread the tension across a greater surface area of your hair, smoothing it and preventing ponytail bumps and headaches. The coiled design also reduces the chance of tangling, so you're less likely to cause breakage when you pull the hair tie out. Keep one on your wrist, so you can pull your hair back at any time.

21. A Skin-Brightening Serum That Reviewers Say Is Their Product Of Choice If Stranded On A Desert Island

One reviewer wrote that this serum "dramatically refined my skin's texture and brightened my complexion," and another swore it's the "product choice if I’m stranded on a deserted island and I can only take one product." The serum contains vitamin E and ferulic acid, which work synergistically with vitamin C to firm, smooth, and brighten skin, while protecting skin from damage caused by UV rays. Just dispense a few drops at night and massage into skin.

22. A Relaxing Card Game That Challenges You To Plant The Best Herb Garden

When I found this strategy card game, it had just increased in popularity on the Movers and Shakers page by an astonishing 54,000 percent — which is the kind of multiplication I can't even wrap my mind around. Essentially, every player in the game works to collect and pot the best group of herbs (think: sage, lavender, or rosemary). The game is both fun and relaxing, and this reviewer said it "hits a sweet spot when you are looking to spend an hour in the afternoon ... chatting with a couple of friends around the table with an afternoon glass of wine." It's suitable for one to four players, and each round is about 20 minutes long.

23. An All-Natural Spray That Gets Rid Of Any Chemical Residue On Your Fruits And Veggies

Industrial chemicals and pesticides are made to withstand water, which is why rinsing your fruits and veggies under the faucet doesn't quite do the trick. This veggie wash, though, safely removes chemicals, pesticides, wax, dirt, and handling residue, so you can bite into that Granny Smith with full peace of mind.

24. A Personal Fan That Fits Right Around Your Neck To Keep You Cool

Stay cool and free up your hands with this portable fan that fits right around your neck. The USB-rechargeable fan has three speed options and features two fan heads that rotate 360-degrees, so you can aim the breeze wherever you like. It's available in four colors: black, white, pink, and blue. Take this along on your next beach trip or to a mid-summer baseball game.

25. These Bracelets That Use Natural Essential Oils To Repel Mosquitos

If the idea of spraying bug-repellent chemicals all over your body gives you the heebie-jeebies, these mosquito repellent bracelets are for you. The stretchy, one-size-fits-all bracelets are infused with natural essential oils that fend off mosquitos for up to 420 hours — long enough to get you through a two-week camping trip bite-free.

26. An All-Natural Deodorant That Smells Like Coconuts

Finding an aluminum-free deodorant that actually gets rid of unwanted odors can be tricky, but reviewers swear this highly-rated natural deodorant by Native is a "clear winner" and "works better than any other natural or conventional deodorant." It's free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc and won't leave stains — good news for your favorite black top. The deodorant is available in three delicious scents: almond and vanilla, coconut and vanilla, and cranberry and plum.

27. A Lightweight Crossbody Bag With A Classic Aesthetic

This classic crossbody bag with tassels and gold detailing is a home run. The surprisingly lightweight bag is roomy enough to fit everything, but has a slim profile, so it's not bulky. The interior pocket and zippered exterior pocket are perfect for small items, and the adjustable strap lets you get the most comfortable fit — so the bag won't bang against your leg every time you walk. The bag comes in classic colors, like black or tan, and more vibrant colors, like orange and kelly green.

28. A Skin-Smoothing Facial Massager With Heating And Cooling Options

This vibrating facial massager has two temperature modes: a heated mode to open pores and increase absorption of serums and moisturizers and a cooling mode to tighten pores and reduce swelling. The half-moon massager is contoured for different parts of your face — use the pointed ends on your temples, forehead, and under the eyes, the concave side for your neck and shoulders, and the rounded side to lift and tighten your entire face.

29. This Hand Sanitizer That Keeps Hands Germ-Free For 24 Hours

Spray your hands with this next-level hand sanitizer by Nano Pure, and it'll form a molecular bond on your skin that'll give you germ protection for up to 24 hours without you having to reapply. The water-based sanitizer has a fresh, clean scent and kills 99.99 percent of germs on contact. Spritz this on before heading out to the airport, and you won't have to reapply until long after you've reached your destination.

30. A Power Strip With Rotating Outlets And Ports, So You Can Charge From All Directions

Each of the three tiers on this power strip rotates, so you can power and charge devices and appliances to the left and to the right without mangling any cords. The power strip features four USB ports, 10 AC outlets, a retractable 6-foot extension cord, and built-in surge protection, as well as on/off buttons on each tier, so you can save energy when you're not using certain outlets.

31. These Linen Pants That Are Kind Of Like Wearing Sweats, But Way Nicer

These drawstring linen pants are the dressed-up version of sweats, which means you can wear them lounging around at home and then head to brunch without an outfit change. An elastic waistband and front and back pockets level up the comfort factor, and you can choose from nine washed-out neutrals, like olive, dusty pink, and light blue. Available sizes: XS Short-XL Long

32. This Fitbit Case And Screen Protector To Keep It In Tip-Top Condition

If you're out in the wild, biking, hiking, and running with your Fitbit Versa, you might want to consider protecting it with this highly-rated Fitbit screen protector and case. Each order comes with two flexible and sturdy frame protectors crafted from military-grade material that resists dents and abrasions. The accompanying screen protector is ultra-thin and clear and works to prevent cracks and scratches. Choose from minimalist black or transparent frames, or opt for luxe gold or rose gold — because why not feel a little fancy on your trail run?

33. These Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Save Your Eyes And Help You Fall Asleep At Night

All those computer, phone, and tablet screens we look at all day emit a ton of blue light, which can cause major eyestrain and mess with our circadian rhythm, making it harder to fall asleep at night. However, these blue light blocking glasses filter that blue light, protecting your eyes and keeping your circadian rhythm intact. The vintage-inspired glasses are available in 12 colors, including the leopard print pictured here.

34. A Cleavage-Enhancing Bra That's Also Strapless And Backless

Reviewers said this strapless and backless bra "sticks so well," is "completely invisible," and "stays tight ... even with dancing." The adhesive bra is made with skin-friendly silicone and features a front clip that provides lift and cleavage if you're looking to do so. Choose from black, light beige, and dark beige. Bonus: each bra comes with two nipple covers, if you prefer to go free with just a little bit of coverage.

35. A Tinted Eyebrow Gel You Can Swim In

Get thick, defined brows that last for up to three days (!) with this award-winning tinted eyebrow gel. The brilliant gel is infused with hair-like fibers that give sparse brows a fullness that looks totally natural. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof, so you'll emerge from your sweaty hot yoga session with brows that look just as lush as when you walked in. The gel comes in five shades to match your natural hair color.

36. A Deep Conditioning Spray With UV Protection

Made with coconut, quinoa protein, and banana peel, this tropical leave-in conditioner from Sun Bum does more than hydrate dry strands — it detangles and offers UV protection too, so it's a great product to keep in your beach bag. It's also paraben- and gluten-free, and safe to use on processed hair.

37. A Carpet Cleaner That Completely Eliminates Pet Odors

Made from all-natural ingredients like orange (which also provides a pleasant scent), this urine- and odor-remover can be directly sprayed on carpets, tile, wood floors, and litter boxes to get rid of icky scents. It's safe to use around pets and kids, of course, and reviewers swear it does the job.

38. A Cleansing Balm That Removes Every Trace Of Makeup

This gentle cleansing balm starts off like a thick paste and then melts into an oil to effectively remove every trace of makeup from the skin (even the waterproof kind) — ultimately prepping it for cleansing without stripping it of moisture. It contains active botanicals and vitamin C and E — but no mineral oil or alcohol.

39. A Convenient Shelf For Your Bed

This shelf for your bed is the perfect solution when you don't have an end table but like to sleep by your phone or read in bed — it holds up to 15 pounds, which can include everything from your laptop to a cup of tea. It has two wire slots to charge your items with ease, and is even made from eco-friendly bamboo.

40. An Eye Mask That Soothes Migraines And Inflammation

If you suffer from migraines, headaches, or inflammation — try out this innovative gel eye mask. It can be used hot or cold to calm skin, reduce puffiness, and soothe away pain. It has a comfortable strap you can adjust to your comfort, and is quick to heat or cool but stays at your preferred temperature for a while.

41. A Tea That's Made With Mushrooms For Increased Energy

This natural mushroom powder is made with 10 types of the superfood — including Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Maitake — to help naturally boost energy, focus, and concentration. Just add a little to your smoothie, oatmeal, or coffee to expeience the benefits. It even promises to boost your immune system and has a natural, earthy flavor. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.