This New '90s-Inspired Nail Polish Line Includes A Slime Color Because Dreams Do Come True

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seems like everyday we get closer and closer to bringing the '90s back full-stop. It's like we're stuck in a time warp that's throwing us back twenty-something years, but none of us mind all that much. What with the recent remake of Charmed to the rise of Clueless-plaid fashion, the new millennium is really just a reiteration of that last decade before it, where grunge ruled supreme, butterfly clips decorated everyone's hair, and body glitter was used like lotion. And now Sally Hansen has decided to jump into the time machine with the rest of us, and released a throwback-like collection that pulls inspiration from those glorious childhood years. Sally Hansen debuted a '90s-inspired nail polish line, and you're going to be hard pressed not to snap it up.

The collection is created in collaboration with Madeline Poole, a celebrity manicurist and Sally Hansen's Global Color Ambassador. And Poole knows color — she's not your average nail technician, but a straight up editorial manicurist. Her nail art has appeared everywhere from the pages of Vogue and V Magazine to the dreamy shots of a Nordstrom campaign. And now she has sat down and whipped together six different nostalgia-fueled colors that will help you achieve your most creative manicures.

Salon Manicure Madeline Poole Collection, $8, Sally Hansen

Complete Salon Manicure Madeline Poole Collection features six retro shades, each one inspired by something from Poole's childhood memories. Using images of her mom's aerobics instructor's leggings, the red velvet interior of her family's Dodge Aries, her childhood obsession with slime, and the smell of her sister's hairspray, she created a line that neatly evoked that late '80s and early '90s. But rather than the colors coming out kitschy, they're surprisingly chic and modern.

The colors range from a pearly pink to a deep forest green, and their names are as cute as the shade ranges. We have "Say It Lycra Mean It," which is a vivid orange; "Material Pearl," which is a metallic pink that tips its hat to Madonna's "Material Girl;" "Slime Scene" is a yellowish green and reminds you of Nickelodeon's iconic goo; "Mallratz" is a dark forest green that makes you think of Daria's iconic green jacket; "Call Me on My Shellphone," mixes Drake's popular song and a '90s mauve hue; and "Vinyl Tap Mix," is a dusty blue-grey hue.

The polishes use Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure formula, which keeps your nails chip-free for up to 10-days, giving you salon-quality manis from home. The collection will be available in-stores later in March, and each bottle will retail for around $8.

To give you a better idea what a nail-art-genius Poole is, below are some of her more impressive designs that she has shared on her Instagram. And bonus — some of them are short video tutorials so you could recreate them at home!

Cuticle Designs

Usually we snip our cuticles away, but Poole has made it fashionable to highlight them instead. Using black and white paint, she creates swoops around her nail bed to create an extreme negative-space manicure.

DIY Nail Bracelets

In this Sally Hansen tutorial video, Poole teaches us how to take a dark navy color and jazz it up with gold bracelet band designs. It looks complicated, but any beginner could handle it. Poole makes it look easy!

Line Art Manicure

All you need is a steady hand to pull off this line art — and if you don't have that, you could always use tape as a template to create those razor sharp outlines. Poole used Sally Hansen's "Haute Stone" from the Color Therapy Collection to pull off this minimalist and mod look.

Scrolling through Poole's Instagram will give you tons of ideas on how to pull off your own designs once her '90s-inspired collection hits. Take this time to brainstorm, and then debut your best slime-inspired manis come the end of March. Let's hope this '90s obsession never ends.