Salmon Sushi Hair Is Now A Thing

While salmon sushi is an amazing dinner roll, not many people would think it synonymous with hair products. But the new salmon sushi hair trend proves that fish have a place in the hair world, if for nothing more than to inspire hair colors. "When we think of food-inspired hair trends, a lot of fruit comes to mind. There's peach hair, tangerine hair, Starburst hair ( . . . sort of counts, right?). Why should one food group get all of the fun? Luckily, hair color just expanded to include the fruit of the sea, because LA colorist Jessica Gonzalez just created salmon sushi hair," PopSugar reported.

Pastel hair colors have been in vogue for years now, so it's no wonder that the soft, coral pink of salmon has made its way into salon chair appointments. It's the perfect hue for long, hot summer days, whether you pair them with dresses or cut-offs. The shade came to Gonzalez during a hair appointment with a client, where she tweaked her hair request to make the tone go better with her client's skin.

In an interview with HelloGiggles, Gonzalez shared that she created the multi-dimensional shade by using the new rose gold Pravana and adding orange, yellow, and pink to it. But a small adjustment was made on the fly that led to this stroke of genius. "My client wanted a peachy color and she was really tan so I wanted to make it peachy but with pink undertones, and we came up with the salmon sushi name once we started applying it," she told HelloGiggles.

While these colors are gorgeous, it can be a tad disappointing when they fade from your tresses so quickly. In order to help you combat that, a hair stylist gave the inside scoop on how to keep the sushi color bright for as long as possible.

"The key to keeping any bright, vivid hair color staying fresh-looking is to minimize your washing schedule. I always tell my clients that they have to use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner, but you'll also have to stretch out the time in between each washing with dry shampoos," Sarah Ramos, the hairstylist and manager at MacKenzie Hair Parlor, tells Bustle. Her favorites are Death Valley by R&Co and the Amika dry shampoo. Other than avoiding your shower, there's another trick to keeping your pinks looking vibrant. "I also re-tone bright colors maybe every four to six weeks," Ramos shares. "It may seem like a lot to come back that soon after getting your hair colored, but it will pay off because layering the pink will eventually help build up the color and make it last longer on your hair."

If you're looking to change up your look this summer, you might as well bring in a photo of your favorite sushi roll and give it a try!