Samsung Released A Sleek New Flip Phone That Will Make Your '90s Baby Heart Swoon

by Mia Mercado

Hold onto your peasant tops, sweet children of the early aughts, because you’re about to reach peak nostalgia levels. The latest and greatest in technology is not hoverboards, flying cars, or whatever else your high school self dreamed for the future; it’s flip phones. You read those words correctly: Samsung released a new flip phone. The early 2000s tried to call, but they realized they left their phone at our place.

In a press release sent out at the end of June, Samsung announced the Galaxy Folder 2, the confusing lovechild of both a smartphone and a flip phone. A translation of the release describes the phone as a “fashionable yet practical retro design,” which is truly marketing copy trying its absolute hardest. When closed, the front of the phone has a large screen display, so you can watch Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ video or other 2005 classics with ease. When open, it becomes the flip phone your sophomore self longed for.

The phone comes in two colors: a classic, chic black for the 2006 business-teen and a two-toned purple and pink phone with a brushed metallic finish specifically for my 15-year-old self to ogle at. While the pictures the phone takes might not be as clear as they would on an iPhone, the camera is a considerable upgrade from the potato-of-a-lens your original flip phone likely had.

How much will this new flip phone cost you? Around $260 and a plane ticket to South Korea. (That’s the only country where the Galaxy Folder 2 is currently available.) So, you may not get to live out your flip phone dreams just yet.

Until recently, flip phones were making a comeback in some of the most tech-savvy countries. You also likely read about the millennials who still use flip phones a few years back. However, it looks like the flip phone trend may be dying in places like Japan. Regardless, it looks like Samsung is missing the 2000s pretty hard given these two new flip phone models.

If the new Samsung phone makes its way stateside, perhaps we’ll all be able to relive the satisfying glory of slamming a flip phone like an angry businessperson or disgruntled, for old times' sake. Maybe we’ll get to re-experience the sound and touch of clickable phone buttons, once again. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to hear that glorious ~*click*~ flip phones made when they opened, just one last time. Here’s hoping we all get to live our Motorola Razr glory days once again.