Sandra Oh & Kevin McKidd's Golden Globes Reunion Will Make 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans So Happy

by Nicole Pomarico
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been a long time since Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang were together on Grey's Anatomy every Thursday night, but the closeness that still exists between the actors might give fans their fix of the former TV couple. Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd reunited at the 2019 Golden Globes, and now that McKidd is sharing the details of their time together, it's clear that they really treasured their time together.

The Golden Globes, which aired earlier this month, were a big night for Oh for a lot of reasons. Not only did she host the awards (along with Andy Samberg), but she also became the first Asian actor to win more than one Golden Globe when she took home the award for Best Actress in a TV Series in the drama category for her role in Killing Eve.

Accomplishments like these are obviously a huge deal, and it sounds like Oh got to celebrate her victory with McKidd, according to what he told TVLine about the evening. Apparently, after the awards, McKidd attended the after party that Oh threw, and he got to congratulate her in person as well as catch up, proving that their friendship extends long past their time playing a passionate but turbulent couple on Grey's.

Not only did McKidd sing Oh's praises as a host, telling the site that although Oh said she was "terrified" of being at the helm of the show, she "nailed it." He also shared details of the after party, and they're so sweet. He said:

"I hung out with her that night after she won. She invited me to her after-party. It was pretty amazing to see her get such props and be honored in that way. I was a bit tearful. She saw me across the room and she ran over and we hugged for a long, long time."

How adorable is that? If only that moment could have been captured on camera so that the rest of us could have pretended it was Owen congratulating Cristina on a major medical achievement? Winning a Golden Globe is obviously cool, too, but Grey's fans have to dream.

After the Globes, he also tweeted his congrats to Oh with a short but sweet message that said, "Sandra!!!!! @IamSandraOh !!! I’m so proud today! Xxx."

And from the other details that McKidd shared with TVLine, it sounds like he and Oh have been able to remain close because of how much time they spent working together on Grey's. And it was a lot of time — we're talking five seasons worth.

"We really trust each other and know each other," McKidd told the site. “During all of those hours working together [on Grey’s] we watched each others’ lives unfold… When she was going through a hard time, or I was, [we] leaned on each other. Some co-stars hate each other. But I feel very fortunate in these last years of my career to have been blessed with Sandra Oh and now Caterina Scorsone.”

Owen and Cristina weren't destined to end up together on Grey's Anatomy, but knowing that he and Oh are still close in real life? That's even better.