Rihanna's Lingerie Line Is Expanding Its Sizing Because RiRi Never Fails Us

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna has been making seismic waves in both the beauty and fashion industry, where her new makeup and lingerie brands have taken inclusivity seriously and are catering to all different skin tones, shapes, and sizes. But with the launch of her bra choices, some people didn't think it was as inclusive as originally promised. Because of that, Savage x Fenty has confirmed it's expanding its size range and promises better things are on the horizon.

"We are on the beginning and soon there will be more sizes and styles to come," the brand tweeted. As of now, there are no details of what sizes will be included in the expansion or when it will roll out. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment.

As a whole, Savage x Fenty has worked hard to include plus size people in its collection, especially considering how difficult it is to find sexy lingerie and pretty bras if a person doesn't come in a straight size. So from the get-go, curvy bodies were included in the teasers and promo ads, where plus size models made their way onto the brand's Instagram grid just as often as straight size models. Seeing how Rihanna's makeup collection, Fenty Beauty, was so dedicated to represent a wide range of skin tones — especially concentrating on darker complexions, who so often get underrepresented or skipped over all together in makeup launches — people thought the same kind of commitment would be observed in the lingerie launch. And to be fair, the opening collections did cater to underwear and teddy sizes that went up to a 3X, but other corsets, rompers, and bras only reached up to straight sizes.

This made a lot of consumers feel let down, especially considering how "size-inclusivity" was a major marketing pitch for the brand. If bra sizes only went up to 44DD and many teddies stopped at an XL, there was still a huge portion of consumers who were denied access. Because of that, many would-be shoppers took to Twitter to share their disappointment.

But just because the launch didn't include bigger sizes doesn't mean that the brand won't expand to cater to those needs. As Revelist reported, Savage x Fenty already responded to customers' complaints by promising to have more options available on the near horizon.

While some were glad to hear that more sizes were in the works, others couldn't help but feel like this was the equivalent to makeup brands releasing all-white foundation collections, only to promise that darker skin tones would be rolled out in a month or two.

While Savage x Fenty was a massive success over its weekend — where most of the items are already sold out in varying sizes — let's hope that the brand stays true to its word. After all, the more sizes, the merrier.