Schick Intuition Is Launching A Hello Kitty Razor You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

Courtesy of Schick Intuition

Some of the best celebrity collaborations with brands don't always involve real people — instead, they feature fictional characters. Take for example Schick Intuition's Hello Kitty Razor Pack that’s launching on June 25. If you know any Hello Kitty fans or are one yourself, you know that you can't resist anything with her adorable face on it, even razors. If you need this in your shower ASAP, you can participate in an exclusive pre-sale of the razor pack before its official launch.

According to a press release from Schick Intuition, the brand is launching two different razor packs inspired by the adorable animation. Chucking one hair at a time with this limited edition launch is made fun with one pink pack dedicated to Schick Intuition's Advanced Moisture Razor and the blue pack is dedicated to the Sensitive Care Razor.

While the razor packs will retail for $19.99 and officially launch on June 25, Hello Kitty lovers can get access to the pre-sale for both from June 10 to June 24.

Since Hello Kitty is a character derived from Japan, beauty fans can share their favorite “Kawaii” moment (Kawaii means cute in Japanese) on Instagram. Users can snap and post a picture using the hashtags #Kawaii #SchickIntuitionxHelloKitty and tagging both @SchickIntuition and @HelloKitty to be messaged with the exclusive pre-sale link. Plus, NYC-based HK fans can participate in person at the brand’s shoppable mural in Chelsea (341 7th Ave) to nab the QR code to receive the link.

Those unfamiliar with Schick Intuition might know the brand for its infamous Skin Conditioning Solids that allows users to shave on-the-go without a shaving cream or gel on hand.

Both of the Hello Kitty Intuition packs features the brand's Skin Conditioning Solid and four refills. However, this one in green comes with the brand's Limited Edition Hello Kitty Sensitive Care Razor to nourish dry skin throughout shaving that's mixed with Vitamin E and aloe for moisture.

The cute pink razor pack from Intuition and Hello Kitty casts a light on the personal care brand's Advanced Moisture Razor with its classic Skin Conditioning Solid that's instead formulated with shea with butter to moisturize the skin.

Fans can shop both formulas of these adorable limited edition razors on Walgreens,,, Amazon, and But if for some reason people miss out on the pre-sale and the entire drop, Schick Intuition carries a bunch of other refill formulas to keep skin nourished through any shave.

Revitalizing Moisture Refill

For those who want to opt for a different razor when the Hello Kitty pack is finished, delve into the Revitalizing Moisture Refills. The formula is mixed with a blend of tropical citrus extracts for silky, smooth skin and ideal for people with normal skin.

Pure Nourishment Refill

Pure Nourishment Refills contain a mix of with coconut milk and almond oil to leave a softer layer of skin during shaving.

Island Berry Refills

Finally, the last refill offered on the site in this series is the Island Berry Refill, which uses a formula of acai extract for a more "luscious and fragrant shaving experience" per the brand.

Shaving isn't always at the top of your to-do list, but doing so with a razor pack inspired by one of the cutest animations makes the process just a little less painful.