Scott Disick Confronted Kourtney Kardashian & Things Got Awkward

by Nicole Pomarico
Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship has never been as turbulent as it has been lately, and they're not even together anymore. But on Sunday night's episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney and Scott had a huge fight after he wasn't invited to Khloé's surprise birthday party, but in the end, it may have actually been exactly what they needed to get their friendly coparenting relationship back to a good place — even if their dynamic makes almost no sense sometimes.

This season of KUWTK has only been back for a matter of weeks, but so far, a lot of the episodes have been centered around how weird things have been between Kourtney and Scott, especially when it comes to her relationship with Younes Bendjima and the way Scott reacted to finding out they're together. But then, things finally came to an inevitable boiling point after Kourtney decided to leave Scott off the guest list for Khloé's party.

Coincidentally, this meltdown also happened at a time when Kourtney was trying to adopt a more positive, chill philosophy about the situation with Scott, but as it turns out, sometimes, her usual way of dealing with things is best... and when her ex confronted her, she had to be 100 percent blunt so he would understand exactly the way she needs things to be.

Of course, it's understandable that Scott would be upset — like he said, he's been around Kourtney's family for more than a decade, so of course he'd want to be there for a party like that. He and Khloé have always been close, and he had a good point. They have been telling him that he's part of their family, regardless of his relationship status with Kourtney, so why wouldn't he be hurt to find that he'd been left out?

But Kourtney had a point, too. She has the right not to have her ex around at big family events if she's not in the mood for it, especially considering how much stress he'd been causing her. She tried to play it off by saying she was worried what would happen if he was photographed going into the party, but in her ITM interview, she admitted that it was really just because she didn't want him there.

"It's funny to realize how fake you really are, though," Scott said, which seemed to be the switch that brought the old Kourt back, front and center.

It was good to hear Kourtney be honest with Scott in telling him that his actions have been out of line, regardless of the feelings that cause him to act that way. It doesn't matter if he's acting out because he's still in love with her; if she doesn't feel that he's showing her respect, she's right to be hurt by that — and to not want her ex around at family gatherings if that's the way he's treating her.

In true Scott Disick tradition, he tried to lighten the mood by asking if they could make out, and when she thinks they're actually going to get married. They ended up leaving together for Kourtney's manicure, and like Khloé said, the way they interact with each other is just forever confusing.

In the end, all seemed good with them, and if they continue communicating so openly, they might actually be heading toward a better, healthier way of relating to each other. The Kourtney/Scott ferris wheel may never let any of us off, but at least they seem to be doing the best they can for their kids, and isn't that what really counts?