Watch HQ Trivia Host Scott Rogowsky Reveal As Much As Possible About Himself In 60 Seconds


Unless you've been avoiding the outside world for the past few months, it's likely you've heard about the HQ Trivia app. Perhaps one of your friends has texted you an invite to the app, or you've seen people around the internet raving about it in a way that makes it seem less like just another app, and more like must-see TV back in the '90s before DVR and online streaming. That's the thing, though: As anyone who's played it can attest, HQ Trivia isn't just another app. It's a live trivia game that feels more like an event than anything else — and it offers cash prizes to those who can answer all 12 trivia questions in the game correctly. It's a massive success, to say the least — the app is now averaging over 1 million players per game — and if you've caught a game of HQ Trivia, you're definitely familiar with the app's main host, Scott Rogowsky.

"There's a community built around [HQ Trivia]. There's fans of every show — this is now a show that people are fans of," Rogowsky says about his role within the app. "I'm sort of a product of the internet and the technology advances, so I have to embrace that aspect."

There is, of course, more to Rogowsky than meets the eye from when you're watching the HQ Trivia stream. No, Rogowsky doesn't live in everyone's smartphone, and no, he doesn't sign "Quiz Daddy" on legal documents. In an effort to find out as much about him — Scott, not Quiz Daddy — as quickly as possible, Bustle sat down with him to ask him a series of rapidfire questions about himself in the video below — and he does not disappoint.

Rogowsky is no stranger to internet fame. A comedian previously known for his "Fake Books On The Subway" series released through his YouTube channel (which is just what it sounds like: He took fake, hilariously-titled and often inappropriate books on the NYC subway and pretended to read them to elicit reactions from those around him), Rogowsky's role in the app has gained him a major fanbase. If Rogowsky misses a game — he does get days off like everyone else, after all! — HQ's comment section is often riddled with demands for his return, many affectionally referring to him as the "Quiz Daddy." Fans even create memes and GIFs of Rogowsky, and request signed merchandise from him. As Rogowsky explains, "I had someone email me for a signed headshot, and I didn't have any headshots. I still don't have headshots. So, I had to go out and print one of the press photos. I went to CVS first, got some photo paper, printed out a press photo, signed it, and delivered it to the office of this person. She was very surprised to have seen me personally delivering a personally printed signed headshot. And I was surprised to be doing it."

For the record, Rogowsky knows he's become a walking meme known to fans as "Quiz Daddy" rather than "Scott" — and he's cool with it. He doesn't pretend to know what the nicknames mean, but he's down to go with the flow. "These [nicknames] all start, I think, in the chat. And I try to embrace it," he says. "It's a little strange. It makes me a little uncomfortable because I'm not ready to be a dad yet. I guess there are a lot of orphans in the chat who need daddies?"

Being somewhat of a cultural icon of the moment, it's no surprise that Rogowsky gets his share of attention and admiration — but he's quick to clarify that dating isn't his priority at the moment. "I am single. I'm dating as much as I can, but it's hard to date [with the HQ schedule]," he says. And though he's known for being the face of an app, don't expect to see him on any apps other than HQ Trivia: "I don't online date," he says.

Sure, Rogowsky's the man who asks fans trivia questions every night between making jokes about current events and calling himself names like "Quizzie McGuire" — but that's only one side of him. "It's wild. I guess every comedian gets into this to be admired, in a way? I've always just wanted to be respected. The admiration and the memeing... to get famous now in this day and age, now, with the internet and stuff, it's very strange," Rogowsky says. "Ten years ago, it would not have been this way, but at the same time, 10 years ago, this wouldn't have been possible because the technology didn't exist. But yeah, the [memes] — I mean, it's very flattering. The fact that someone took the time to do that is nice. I appreciate all the fandom."

How long does he foresee himself doing HQ? To that, Rogowsky just smiles. "HQ is life. If this thing just keeps building and building and building, I'll do it for the rest of my life."