It's The 10th Anniversary Of Sean Spicer As The Easter Bunny & No One Can Forget It

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer may be out of his White House job, but at least he can look back at some fond memories from working for the executive branch. One of which, of course, would be when he played the Easter Bunny. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Sean Spicer as the Easter Bunny in the White House Egg Roll. Spicer hasn't hopped down memory lane publicly this year, but his time of bunny service is being remembered by others all the same.

Joy Reid mentioned it on MSNBC on Sunday morning. "Every year the White House hosts its annual Easter Egg Roll, but this year's 140th Egg Roll will be missing a certain special spice," Reid joked.

Others on Twitter reminisced, too. You'd almost think Spicer had resurrected. "This Easter Sunday, let’s all take a moment to pause, and reflect, on how Sean Spicer was the Easter Bunny in 2008," Brian Klaas tweeted.

But 10 years later — and after leaving the administration — it's probably unlikely that Spicer will make a comeback this year. The White House Egg Roll will take place on Monday. As many as 20,000 kids could show up to look for eggs on the South Lawn. The tickets went to the winners of a raffle from back in February. The kids lucky enough to attend may find eggs hidden near the same bushes where Spicer hid during his stint as press secretary.

In addition to the egg roll, there will be an egg hunt, lawn bowling, and a craft station for making cards to send to the troops.

This year's Egg Roll is expected to move a little smoother than last year's. In 2017, some of the suppliers that make the event a reality, like the company that actually manufactures the eggs, had to remind the Trump White House via social media that the event was coming up.

This year, Melania Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Betsy DeVos, and other notable administration officials will all take turns reading to the children.

Last year Spicer took a turn reading. The reviews weren't 100 percent favorable.

He also posed for a photo with last year's bunny to really bring things full circle. The press secretary posted the pic on Instagram, but so far he's not resurrected the bunny photo itself. That's only been shared by others online.

Spicer did however make reference to his bunny past, retweeting a photo and mentioning how happy and simple those times were. "What I would give to hide in a bunny costume again," Spicer wrote on Twitter right around Easter in 2016.

And according to an interview he gave, Spicer enjoyed his time in the bunny suit. He did it two years after all. "Kids love the Easter Bunny. There is something real special about seeing all families on the White House lawn," Spicer told Politico back in the day. "Most children are so excited to see the bunny that they're on their best behavior. I really get a kick out of the ones that want to thank the bunny for their basket or a gift they got on Easter."

Last year Spicer was teased about the job more than just a bit by Melissa McCarthy, who played the press secretary on Saturday Night Live. McCarthy acted out the story of Easter with props — all of this was while clearly dressed as the Easter bunny. Then McCarthy as spicer recognized the giant candies in the room:

Spicey’s gotta hippity hop and deliver these eggs, and everybody just eat as much candy as you want because this is probably our last Easter on earth.

Then she drove an Easter egg into the mock White House podium. For the administration's sake, hopefully nothing inspires SNL's creativity so easily this year. If they do, Spicer might need to go on the sho.w